Knitpro options vs. Addi click

Ok, so I want to buy myself an interchangable knittingneedle set. Here in the Netherlands, I’ve got 2 options: the knitpro options or the addi click (I want metal needles, so knitpro harmony is not an option). I’ve once knitted with a knitpro needle, but found out that in my case the needletip would unscrew itself. I don’t know if this is a common problem or not.

Well, I just have to decide between the two sets. For now, I’m thinking about the addi click set, because I LOVE my addi turbo and lace needles.

Does anybody have the addi click system and is it a good system?

If you had to choose, whould you go for the knitpro or the addi system?

ETA: since I live in Europe, money is not the problem. Addi is only 10 euro’s more expensive than knitpro.

The major thing to remember is that as the person who does your own knitting, what works for me or for anyone else isn’t necessarily going to work for you. As I often point out, lots of people love using plastic or resin needles, and I can’t stand to knit on them. It all comes down to your personal preferences.

That said…

I love both sets. I have the KPs right now, but am waiting for my next trip to Europe to get the Addi set. I think a lot of it depends on what sizes you need. The KP set has more sizes currently available (at least the last time I checked), although I’m sure that will change eventually.

Addi has come out with the cables now, so you can have longer cables than were available…plus…they’re Addi. :slight_smile: Since I love Addi needles, i definitely want them. I suspect that if you love Addi already, you’ll also prefer the Addi interchangeables, but I’m more than happy with my KP Nova set as well. I, like you, often find that they do unscrew eventually, but it just takes a quick tightening and no problems…knock on wood, as I haven’t dropped any stitches yet due to this.

The HiyaHiya are definitely on my list as well, simply because they come in smaller size tips. When I have all three sets, I’ll probably sell my KP Harmony set, because I’ve discovered that even on the slipperiest yarns, I simply prefer metal over wood.

If you can get the Addi Click for not much more than the Knit Pro, go with the Addi. The skuttlebutt lately is that the Addi system is far superior in craftsmanship to the Knit Pro.

I have both sets. I’d recommend the Addi’s, especially now that you can get extra cables and tips in sizes 4 and 5.

I love the tips of the Options, and generally they are very nice needles and flexible cables, but I, too, have had problems with the cords unscrewing and, even worse, pulling out of the connector so I’m left with lots of stitches to put back on. It can be very frustrating. I still use them, but not for anything that will require a lot of tugging. I’ve glued and crimped some, as well, and they are secure, but when I grab one of the Addi sets, I know that I won’t have any problems. At least so far.:pray:

thanks for the input. I think I’ll buy a cable and set of needletips for both sets, so I can try them out myself (need to wait until the end of august for the addi click, but I’m not in a hurry). I’ve heard to many different opinions (both here and on ravelry), so I think I’ll just need to find out for myself.

I think I’ll just need to find out for myself.

That’s always the best way to go! (At least where knitting needles are concerned, anyway. :wink: )

I just received my Addi Click set and I love it. Yes, I prefer it to the Knit picks (knit pro) set.

I’ve just ordered a set of the knitpro interchangeable needles so i hope they are good!!
I am a bit worried as I have read a few people have problems with the cable unscrewing.

If I were in your shoes (wishing!!)…I would invest in the Addi Clicks [U][I]in a heartbeat[/I][/U][I]! [/I]