KnitPro help

For those of you that have actually used the cool KnitPro program [I](Ingrid?, Shandeh?)[/I] am I doing something wrong? No matter what size picture I tell knit pro to use it stretches it to fit a full size sheet of paper. What do I do if I only want an image that’s say 5" x 6" ???

I would first resize the image on my own computer first. I don’t really know of any other way. :thumbsup:

I have used it, but not a lot. I think if you change the gauge of the squares, then it won’t matter if the picture is a full page, since the correct number of boxes will be on it to make it knit up smaller.

Know what I mean?

I read of a great idea that I’ve yet to follow through on–Print up knitter’s graph paper in lots of gauges. Then go to a copy place and have the graphs transferred to transparencies. This way you can put the transparency right over the picture.