I ordered from them last wednesday for the first time. I haven’t received a shipping confirmation email, nor received my order yet. How long do they take?

They typically do not send shipping confirmation e-mails. if you go on to the knit picks website up at the top there is a link for order status. you can log in there to see where in the process your order is. I ordered from them last thursday and it said it shipped early this week but I don’t have it yet. with the free shipping they can some times be slow - I’d say you should receive it in 7-10 days after you placed the order.

It took a day or so for my order information to show up, too, but yours should be up by now.

If it’s not, you might want to try contacting them.

Sometimes I’ve gotten my orders really fast, other times, it seemed to take forever. I think delivery time might be more dependent on the USPS than KP, though. It seems like the KP folks usually fill their orders pretty quickly. How long the postal system takes to process them is another story, especially where parcel post is concerned. But I just can’t justify paying more for rush delivery.

I just ordered a set of classic circs for my first foray into sock knitting (why oh why did I wait until yesterday?), and I know they’re going to take forever to come. In the mean time, however, I’ve got other projects to amuse myself with, including a koolaid dying adventure with sock yarn. (I’m so excited about the kool aid thing. I just hope I don’t make too much of a mess in the kitchen!)

My order took about a week. It’s all up to USPS. And dying with kool aid can be very messy. I did my roving last week. Wear gloves, have a trash bag or plastic table cloth to put yarn on, and have bleach or soft scrub w/ bleach in case it drips. It cleans up.

I had initially placed the dyable sock yarn and some dye in the shopping cart, but two things made me change my mind.

1.) It seemed very messy
2.) It also looked like you can only dye each skein with one color. I wanted to dye one several colors.

And the koolaide thing seemed just as messy. Not to mention how does it not wash out?

I did check my order status on the KP website, and it was shipped on 8/17. I hope to get it tomorrow!

I ordered on the 18th, it shipped on the 22nd, and it looks like I should get it tomorrow!! :cheering: I got some size 8 options to use for my Branching Out. I have been using straights and I hate them!

My last two orders took almost 5 days to even be processed. Then it took about a week and a half to get them to me. Before that, they were very fast. I guess it just depends.

:cheering: :cheering: Yay! It’s finally here! I ordered sock yarns. I have never knit a sock, but here is the inspiration:

Oh how pretty. I did the same thing with buying sock yarn before I’d ever even tried knitting one. They came out just fine.

I’m glad to hear as I am a bit nervous on the socks! Would you recommend a pattern that you found a great beginning?

I just used the basic sock pattern from there. I’ve since tried a few different ones, but that’s what got me started. Love patterncentral. Right now I’m working on the most boring socks I’ve ever encountered. They are plain black men’s socks for DH. He’s excited, I’m bored. lol

Warning: Knitting socks is addictive!

Those yarns are cool-looking! Have fun getting hooked - you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

Be careful with the Dancing, though. Finding the right tension is a little difficult, but the final product is wonderful. :happydance: