KnitPicks "Zephyr" needles!

I purchased size 6, 7, 8 Zephyr tips when they were introduced. I liked them fine.
But I really haven’t used them at all, being mostly addicted to Addi Clicks, and Signature circs.

However, in the last week, I’ve cast on for some “lacy” scarves!
The yarn is lace weight (Malabrigo Lace) and fingering (Madelinetosh).

I had quite [B]a fight[/B] on my hands in finding the right needle! Anything metal (Addi Clicks, Signatures, KnitPicks) was too heavy. The needle would readily fall out of the stitches on a regular basis! :wall:

KnitPicks Harmony needles were better, but I tended to knit more loosely with them for some reason.
The tips were okay, but not the best. I was still struggling with my stitches, and gauge.

Then it came time to [U]try my ZEPHYR tips[/U]! [I][B]VOILA! Perfection![/B][/I] :cheering:

They have nicely [B]pointed tips[/B], they are [B]lightweight[/B], the stitches [B]don’t fall off the needle[/B], and [B]the rise[/B] from the tip to the needle [B]is very gradual! [/B] I am knitting perfect gauge [B]with no tears[/B] since changing to [B]ZEPHYRS! [/B]

Just though you’d like to know… :thumbsup:

I have on set of the Zephyrs so that’s good to know! :thumbsup:

I have a couple zephyr tips and cords and like them. The 7mm seem to knit bit larger than my metal 7mms so there’s another ‘size’ in there.

Harmony needles have a lacquered coating on them. When I first got mine, they were very slick and hard to get used to. I had that same loose knitting problem. As you use them, the coating gets a little bit more buffed and then there’s no problem. I’ve had mine for a year now and they’re just fine. I still have a bit of the slick problem with the larger needles, like my size 11, that I don’t use that often. Knitpicks is a great company. I’m glad you found a needle you like.

Just to remind you the Zephyrs are plastic and they can break. After I bought my Try it set , I was using the Zephyrs and the very tip of one of the needles snapped off. It left a small flat spot but was still usable. I emailed Knit Picks about it and they sent a replacement pair of tips , with no questions asked.

Thankfully in this case KnitPicks customer service and replacement policy absolutely rocks! I had a set of Zephyrs arrive spinning around it’s base; they replaced it, no questions asked. I love all of my TryIt set needles and the spare size 6 Zephyrs I bought just cause I wanted to try both the wood and Acrylic on the same yarn for my then-current project.