KnitPicks yarn sale!

Woo hoo! I just got a bunch of Main Line for $1.97 a ball! Lots of others are pretty cheap as well. Here are the sale yarns–does that mean they’re getting rid of these?

:thinking: I thought mainline was one of their yarns they just added in the spring. What was their regular price for Mainline?

I just saw that, too! I can’t believe I placed a yarn order when I saw the new yarns arriving, I should have known that they were going to have a sale :shock:
I really want some Mainline!!!

Looks like MainLine was originally $3.29.

Maybe it’s a seasonal thing, like spring and fall clothing in the stores?

Some of them don’t have the word “sale” by them. :??

You enabler you. :wink: I just got a bunch too. :smiley:
This was just to good, not stash some.

I just got a bunch of Main Line too! How could I resist at that price??? I hope, hope, hope this doesn’t mean they are discontinuing it!! I also got some Swish, to make a sweater for my oldest ds (figured might as well, to get the free shipping) and a hank of Alpaca Cloud for a scarf.

Darn you Knit Picks, you suck me in every time!!!

Count me in !!

I’ll buy whatever Mer buys :wink:

Glad I could be of assistance! :wink: I had to get some needles too, just to get the free shipping, of course.

FWIW, I don’t think they’re discontinuing Main Line – it’s not on the Clearance page with the rest of the sale yarns. (phew!)

I ordered a bunch of Shine worsted and merino style earlier in the week…oh, and 1 swish so I can see how it handles my abuse.
Well, along came the sale. So, today I got a bunch of MainLine and some circs. Like Meredith, I had to get the circs so I would get free shipping :wink:

I saw this too. I’m a new knitter. What kinds of things can you make with the 75% cotton/25% wool? Is there a site with free patterns for such? What have you all made with this yarn? I’m really tempted–these are great prices.

It’s a wonderful yarn for pullovers! I’ve plans to do 2 with this type of yarn :wink:

THANK YOU! I’ve been thinking about Main Line for a bit now. Boy did I ever order!

LOL, what did you order, Nikki?

ummmmmmmmmmm, :lol:
I oredered lots of red velvet cake and lots of silver sage. I’m thinking about making a couple of sweaters for…, ready for this?, ME. Then I ordered some of the sock yarn, Simple Stripes I think it’s called and I ordered one of those sizers thingies for the new needles. I wish I had gotten another binder as well. Oh well, next time.

Sounds like a nice haul…yum :thumbsup: