Knitpicks Wishlist?

So…does Knitpicks have a “wishlist” or registry type option, kinda like Amazon and whatnot does? I’ve got a birthday coming up and I’d love to have everything all set for people to grab. My parents and the few people who do buy me presents have already said “show me the exact thing you want–you knitting freak!” :rofl: So I’d love to have something easy for them to deal with.

Right now I set up a shopping cart and unless I find a wishlist button that I’m overlooking I guess I’ll just send them my log-in info so they can see what the heck I’m talking about when I get all drooly over the Options Interchangeable, magnetic chart board, extras, blah blah blah. Hee

When I placed my order a few days ago, I remember, after I had added everything to my cart, seeing a button beside each item that said something like “save for later.” Or maybe it was “remove” and then they asked if you wanted to save for later.

I had removed an item, but when I changed my mind and tried to readd it from the regular shopping screen, it said it was already in my cart. When I went back to my cart, I had to scroll down the page. There was a separate section for saved items.

See if that is what you can use.

They used to have a wishlist, but I can’t find it now either so I just use my cart for one. :??

You may want to try the website I’ve linked below. I used this for my Christmas wishlist, and it’s really handy. It allows you to paste the URL to a particular item, the store the item comes from, an image thumbnail for the item, put it in a category of your choosing, add a description, etc. It also gives you a public URL to your wishlist, which you can’t view if you’re logged in. That way people can mark items as bought, so two people don’t get the same thing (unless you specify a quantity of more than 1).

When I used the KP “save” option, when I go back to buy it the quantity is reset to 1. Not a big deal with books, needles, etc. But a pain for yarn. is really great too. Add the button to your browser toolbar and anything you’re looking at that you want, click the button and you can add it to your wish list. :thumbsup:

I just tried this site and it’s great! I wish I’d had it before Christmas so I would have gotten MORE knitting stuff! :teehee: It’s way easier to send one link with everything on your wishlist rather than links to places all over the internet!