Knitpicks - What is 'lace weight'?

What is it that they refer to as “lace weight”? I’ve never heard this term before, and I assume this means the yarn is quite thin…but what would it’s equivalent be? Anyone know?

Lace weight is about half the weight of fingering weight. It’s often kind of “fuzzy” too, so you get kind of a halo effect when you knit it. You wouldn’t want to use it for a sweater, for example, unless you want to hold three or four strands together :shock:

Knitpicks has some GORGEOUS lace weight yarns, but I’m into sweaters, socks, and CLOGS right now - LOL

Kelly and Ingrid have done some LOVELY lace work, and I think one of the Julie’s as well.

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


Actually, Kelly and Silver and some others have done some beautiful lace work. I’ve yet to make lace out of lace-weight yarn. Someday, maybe.

lol me too! I just love that gossamer yarn in the light green and blue hues. I just have NO CLUE what I’d make out of it. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


I was thinking of your butterfly shawl. Isn’t that in lace weight :??

or does it just have a lacey “look” to it? It’s sooooo pretty.


It’s made of merino dk weight–lacy, but not lace-weight. And it’s on its way to almost done!

Julie (DotMom) is currently knitting a shawl with it… :roflhard: …“knitting with hair” she calls it…

I’ve knit lace, but not with lace weight yarn. Ive used worsted and DK…

Yeah…ask Dotmom ONLY if you want to be DIScouraged. :roflhard:

"It’s made of merino dk weight–lacy, but not lace-weight. And it’s on its way to almost done!"
Ingrid, what does the dk stand for? I’ve seen weights listed as dk but no explanation as to what it means.

Hi tigger,

DK weight is double knit (which has nothing at all to do with the technique of double-knitting :?? ).

It’s a lighter weight than worsted, but not as thin as sport (or baby) weight - kind of in between. Some of the DK I’ve used could almost be classified as ‘light worsted’.

In the OLD days, when yarns were classified by “ply” worsted was considered to be 4 ply and DK was a 3 ply yarn.

Just your historical tidbit for the day! :wink:

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


Mary, thank you!! that helps a lot!