KnitPicks website down? Sunday 8 Dec 2013

Hi, all. I’ve been trying [I]and[/I] trying [B]and[/B] trying to get into KnitPicks to search their patterns, maybe over the last hour. (It’s 6:25 p.m. Pacific Standard Time right now, Sunday 8 December 2013.)

No go. I tried on my Mac with Firefox, and I tried on a Windows platform with Explorer. [B]One whole time[/B] I got a resolution–to a blank screen. :mad: All the other times, the address bar just sat there while the beachball/hourglass stared me in the face.

Is it just me? or does KnitPicks need to throw on more server capacity???

No go for me. Firefox and Google Chrome.

ETA I’ve noticed their site could be faster, it was down once when I called Customer Service about something else and they offered to let me know when it was up again. I’d say try again in a while.

No go for me using my Droid Razr Maxx smartphone browser.

They’ll probably resolve their issues soon. Even Ravelry has little crashes from time to time.

Many places in the country are having issues with weather so maybe that’s part of it.

Still no go for me, either browser. This weather is awful! I hope KP is up again before the weather breaks here. I think we’re supposed to be in the freezer for another day or two.

Still no signs of life (8:15 p.m. Pacific Time). Where [I]is[/I] KnitPicks, anyway?

I’m aware of the horrible weather (I have a sister in North Carolina), but have no idea where KnitPicks’s actual warehouse/office may be located. I’ve always assumed “the United States” because of their shipping policies, but I don’t actually [B]know[/B].

Try again. I was able to click on the email link to track my order and from there I could look at other pages.

I could go to with Chrome, I know it wasn’t already open in that browser. They’re up again.

I got in! 9:03 Pacific Time.

I used my Dolphin browser this time, but I don’t think the issue is (was) our choice of browser.

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