Knitpicks shipping?

I just received confirmation on shipping for my first Knitpicks order. Yay!

They said it was shipped “Best Way” shipping. Is that a company? Will it come regular post or is that like UPS?

Best way means that they will ship the “best way” ususally least expensive way possible. All of my orders have arrived via USPS in nice plastic bags within the week of getting the confirmation email.
Hope that Helps :slight_smile:

Best Way is a subsidiary of FedEx.

:rofling: Kelly!!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
You always crack me up KK

Okay, now I feel like a totaly dork. :oops:

It’s just that Best Way was captialized right in the middle of a sentence so I thought it was a name or something. Really I did!

Double Dork. :oops:

I have no idea if this company is a country-wide thing, but occasionally trucks with the logo G.O.D (guaranteed overnight delivery) drive through the parking lot in my school. When one of the kids sees it, they usually ask what G.O.D delivers. I just say ‘salvation.’ Their reaction tells me a lot. The ones that say, “Really?” concern me. :rollseyes:

well i got my package today…first one of actual yarn that wasn’t attached to a card. I had ordered the 3 day delivery and it came UPS. I must say i am glad that it couldn’t be broken and that they put them in plastic because the box was halfway open down the taped seam when i picked it up and crushed. shakes fist at UPS

i wanna go play with it now but they won’t let me go sit in my car…lol

Sorry…I was thinking of SmartPost. :oops:

SmartPost–isn’t that your web page? :wink: