Knitpicks shipping question

I know not to expect it quickly since I got free shipping but my email said it shipped “best way” on the 21st. What is best way? Is it usps or something else? Trying to figure out who I need to be stalking.

“Best Way” is kind of a mystery and there won’t be a tracking number to check till it reaches your local PO. You can check a little info on KP by clicking order status/order number then click the “Smart Pos” tracking number.

Thanks, Jan. Not sure if that helped or was more frustrating. It says its estimated arrival is the first. Good grief I think it would be faster to drive to OH and back. And just think if I could get my oldest to drive I could knit the whole way!

If you got free shipping you need to be stalking the local post office because it shipped usps. When I get free shipping that is the way it shipped to me.