KnitPicks ShineSport Aquamarine - I HAVE SOME NOW - Thanks

Good evening,
I’ve been working on a beautiful sweater in Knit Picks ShineSport Aquamarine, but I came up one skein short to completion. If anyone has a skein they’d sell, or can point me to a supplier, I’d greatly appreciate it.



Unfortunately, Knit Picks discontinued this yarn and they have no stock left.

Oh how sad!! Maybe you could get on the community and ask if anyone has some… Sorry… I should have checked before putting htat up. :frowning:

Hmm… Are you sure the name of the color is Aquamarine? I’m searching it on trade or sell on Rav, but nothing is coming up with that color. Is it Reef or Turqouis? Anywho, I’ll check out some other places in a little while if I have time. :slight_smile:

I contacted someone on Ravelry who has it… It’s not for trade, but I asked if she would consider trading or selling. I’ll let you know what she says. :slight_smile:

Thank you!! It was very kind of you to look. I signed up for Rav, just to look for this yarn, but am still waiting to be approved. …can’t wait to hear… I’d love to finish this sweater!

:slight_smile: Glad to help!!

Hi Sue, I wanted to tell you that someone on Ravelry had some of the same kind of yarn. Someone said that they would look, and if they had some, they would send it out to me, but as I don’t need it, if you would private message me your address, I can pass it on and hopefully you will get your yarn!!! :heart: Hope it works out. :slight_smile:

yup, knitpicks shinesport aquamarine
just pm me and I will help you with whatever you need