KnitPicks Shine

I love the look and the colors of Shine from KnitPicks. Has anyone tried it? How did it work up, how did it wash?

What would you like to make with Shine?

Im knitting with it right now…the Apricot color is lighter than it appears on my monitor at home and at work.

Its very slippery, but its knitting up nicely and it is VERY soft!

I am sitting here, trying to wind mine into a center-pull ball, and it is a huge, tangled mess. I am ready to set it on fire. :evil: :evil: :evil:

Im pretty sure the manufacturer doesnt suggest that… :shifty:

Holy cow, I can’t remember the last time I swore so much. Oh wait, I take that back, it was when I made Miss Dashwood… :wink:

So now I am knitting with it…I’m using bamboo, and I can imagine that aluminum would be waaay too slippery for this yarn. I’m having some tension issues, but I agree with Kelly…it looks great and is very soft.

That is a really mixed review. I can think of easier ways to drive myself crazy!
It sounds like I would be OK if I used bamboo needles. The colors are just so tempting.
Now I just have to find a pattern worth of the frustration.

(OT) - Here’s one Mary, you could always move a big pile of sand from one side of the room to the other one grain at a time using only tweezers. (/OT) :roflhard:

Well, yes, I could, but then who will help move the pile back where it belongs? :?? :??

I haven’t gotten any yet, but I want to! Here’s a link to a previous topic that includes a good review:

Thank you for the link. I think I’ll give Shine a try. Off to KnitPicks!!! Yeah! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I love an excuse to buy yarn.

The gauge is a little off, but I’ve been thinking that Cecilia would be so pretty in Shine. The colors are just so gorgeous.

yes it would! that’s perfect!

let’s see some pictures then!!! :inlove:

You know, I wasn’t looking forward to starting my sleeves because I only have one bamboo circ…but it wasn’t as bad as I though it would be (the slipperinesss) and in fact I don’t think I’d mind knitting it with aluminum. It’s so soft, but unforgiving, I have found…there’s one row near the bottom of the back of my sweater where I didn’t wrap my yarn well enough, and it’s OBVIOUS. :frowning:

But anyway, here’s my Shine on the needles:

Looks great! :cheering: :cheering:

I’ve been salivating over the Shine, too. I got the new KnitPicks catalog last week. I’m working on Tricot using LB CottonEase, but I was thinking this would also be really cute in Shine Green Apple.

I’m also looking for a pattern to knit a tank or something for my 7yo DD, and I was thinking that Shine would be a nice, soft and light yarn to use for her. She’s the kid who has to have the tags cut out of everything. :rollseyes:

Julie…that’s LOVELY!!!

Femmy…there’s a pic of what I have done so far in my blog thread. :thumbsup:

I haven’t tried it, but the cami pictured on 5/20 herewas made with it. Looks good to me! And I know several other people who have really liked it.


nice julie!

Thanks…I’m frogging the collar after I finish the sleeves, because it’s really bugging me. :rollseyes: Otherwise I’m very happy with it!