Knitpicks question

I have felted with Knitpicks WOTA and I am very pleased with the results. Has anyone felted with Knitpicks Merino Style? Does it felt different from WOTA? :thinking:

I am only asking because Merino Style has some really pretty colors and I have been in this felting phase! :wink:

Thanks for your help!

:wink: I am very interested in the answer to that question… :thinking: I had been wondering the same thing, because of the colors, they are splendid in merino. I’ve heard that someone did and had great results, but, my apologies, don’t remember who it was or what was felted… :doh: !
BUT, I suppose the good part of what I remember is that she said it went well… :lol:


Im fairly sure she has…

I like how WOTA doesn’t get too fuzzy and I like how thick it felts. I have heard that some yarns felt more “flimsy” than others. I’m hoping that Merino Style will be just as sturdy! :wink:

:waving: Hilde where are you? :oo:

SOWWWWYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! we had a garage sale fri and saturday and i was going nutty getting everything ready: i have neglected KH! :shock:

I have to post some pictures! I just felted two bags, one with merino and the other with WOTA. I LOVE how the merino came out and I thought the WOTA was sturdier but REALLY FUZZY!!! Let me go take some pics…

I can’t wait to see pictures!!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

Okay here’s pictures.

The first pics are the merino bag: green snd purple (actually the lilac and asparagus, if you want to be technical).The bottom was 34sts X 50ish rows, and the top is 170ish sts around and 100ish rows. the “A” is hard to see in the pics, but it DID turn out after felting: I might use a triple strand next time to make it stick out a bit more. The sparkle and fun fur were the customer’s request (and i think they look great! i used a double strand of sparkle and a triple strand of fun fur)

The next set are the WOTA bag: I used cherry blossom and daffodil. I kind of had some free time during the yard sale, so I started this bag yesterday around noon and knitted ALLLLLLLLL day until DH made me go to bed around 1am… then knitted more this morning from 9-12 when I finished. AND yay me this is my first experience with colorwork. I decided “hey i’m going to felt it, so if it looks icky, who cares?” I just made up the pattern, and thankfully it worked out with the number of stitches I picked up for the top (which I didn’t count) . and :cheering: KK :cheering: helped me figure out how to CO with 2 colors on the phone on Saturday night :inlove: MUAH :inlove:

the merino (green, purple) is very soft, flexible, and non-fuzzy. It was also easier to stretch and block after felting. It took 3 washings.
the WOTA (red, yellow) is VERY sturdy, but REALLY fuzzy!!! This was after only 1 washing, and I might wash it one more time to make it tighter.

One more thing: the merino shrank a LOT more in width than in length (you can see in the before and after pics). The WOTA shrank equally all the way around, and the top part where the color work is shrank in more than the bottom part b/c even thought i was trying to strand the colors loosely, it was still too tight. BUT i :heart: LOVE :heart: how it turned out anyway.

Okay let’s get these pics up! Oh and there’s a cheesy one of ME, too, with both bags :slight_smile:

poo! i didn’t realize they were so blurry. I’ll have to fix and resize or take new ones later. sorry!!!

Hilde, they look so pretty! I love the pink and yellow one! You did such a good job! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: And you did it all in about a day! That makes it even more impressive! :wink:

I think that I am going to give the merino style a try. My only concern is the sturdiness of it, because I am going to try it out on a purse.

Did you say that you used a double strand throughout the bag for the WOTA bag? :thinking:

Thank you sooooo much for your help! :thumbsup:

ps. I love your big bags!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Your bags are not as big as I thought they would be :thinking:

Hilde…LOVE the bags!!! They turned out so beautifully!

Lisa, thank you thank you!

Nuno, my bags are much bigger in person.

Amp, I used a double strand on both bags throughout. I think the merino makes a much nicer bag, but you’re right about being concerned about the sturdiness. I think I might experiment with a WOTA bottom, and merino for the top… I’m not sure how the differences in weight will affect the felting, though. Time for a test swatch!

Hilde…both of the bags are gorgeous…you did a great job and should be very proud of them :cheering:


I can tell you all RIGHT NOW…Hildie is QUITE self-satisfied and may even be ROLLING ON THE FLOOR with all this talk of her BEAUTIFUL BIG BAGS. :rollseyes:

If you dont want to encourage her, you will start calling them TOTES or PURSES or CARRY-ALLS or something!

Hild…THEY look GREAT! (Your BAGS AND YOUR bags! :shifty: ) That colorwork you did with the WOTA is AMAZING! :shock: Who’s the knitting queen NOW??? YOU ARE! YOU ARE!!! :cheering:

And, again, I cant get OVER how skinny you are getting! How am I even gonna RECOGNIZE you on the 23rd??? Maybe THAT’s why your bags arent as big as Nik thought they would be?? :thinking:

Thanks joyce!!!

KK, i’m so glad you’re my friend :sunny: hopefully you’ll recognize me enough to go “DAMN baby!”

Amp, I wanted to point out something else: in the pic of my big bags )hehe) you can see how floppy the bottom of the green bag is; the bottom of the WOTA red/yellow bag doesn’t sag at ALL.

Yup…Ill even try to pick you up :eyebrow: if that’ll make you feel special! :inlove:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

ANYWAY, before this topic turns into another “Hildie and Kelly Show” (sing that to the tune of “itchy and scratchy”) Amp, did we answer your question?

But I LIKE the Hildie and Kelly show! :verysad:

Yeah…I suppose we should make sure that Amp had her question answered…

Those are awesome Hildie!!! :cheering: I LOVE the colorwork!