Knitpicks order still not received

Mine usually gets here pretty quick. Both times I have ordered so far it came the same week that I ordered it. It took longer for me to get stuff from


sniff sniff :help:

Not in today’s mail either…

sniff :verysad:


I feel your pain!! hugs :heart:

Mine is still somewhere, too…lonely…scared… :verysad:
I don’t even bother rushing to the mailbox anymore.

Oh no, don’t say this. I just got my confirmation E mail today that my order shipped out and the yarn is for Christmas presents!

have you guys called them??? I’ve NEVER had a problem with knitpicks… in fact, the last 2 orders I got from them came earlier than i expected. You should have gotton a confirmation email; check out the customer number anr order number and give them a call… it must be some oversight.

I have gotten shipping confirmation emails. My original order shipped on the 4th, then was never seen again. I called Friday, and they re-shipped the order on Monday. I might get the re-ship as early as Friday, most likely Saturday.

I really wanted to use Thanksgiving Break to work on the clogs and booga so that I’d know whether to make gifties of either or both of them (and have time to order more yarn for said gifties). Now, though, I won’t have a gap of free time like this again until after Dec. 16, when I’ll finish grading the last set of final exams… :verysad:

My one order with Knitpicks took about 9 days to get to me, and yes it was the free shipping option. This is longer than any other retailer’s free option, like when I buy books, etc., but I wasn’t in a super rush for it other than just self-gratification so I could stand it.

They can’t send the free shipping too quick, however, or there’d be no incentive for any of us to pay for the priority s & h.

I just want my catalog! It’s been over a month and still no catalog… :frowning:

I’m calling today…

It’s still not here and that’s simply too long. I ordered on the 6th, it shipped on the 8th. We’re now at the 22nd - that’s 16 days past ordering and the Post Office isn’t open tomorrow. :frowning: I’ll never do the free shipping again.

Like Angelia, this was my only free time before the big crush of grading comes along. :frowning:

boo… not happy.


call hh, it may be lost in transit.

HH: Call them.

Since you’re past the 14 day shipping window, they’ll put together the replacement order tout de suite. (They’re really nice about it, too.)

It’s still frustrating, though.

You know, when you pay the over $30 just to GET the free shipping at times, it seems you wouldn’t need any more incentive !! I think they should make it clear that it’ll be on a slow boat to CHINA (or by way of it), before you get your “freely shipped order” !! :shock:

If I want to get something in just a few days, I go ahead and pay the extra to get it–if I’m not in a BIG hurry for the yarn–say it’s just sock yarn for my SIS-IL’s Christmas present–well, hey, I can wait!! :wink:

:verysad: :verysad: :verysad:

Well, the story only gets worse.

I did call them and they said that their computers were down so they couldn’t figure out what had happened - if it had been lost, where it was, etc…) They said they’d replace it but that since their computers were down they couldn’t even BEGIN to reprocess it until MONDAY!! Which means that it won’t be delivered until the END OF NEXT WEEK AT THE EARLIEST! :shock:

It’s going a a PO Box for crimeny’s sake - it’s not like they tried to deliver it and failed or it was stolen. :evil:

I’m extremely disappointed. The fact that it was lost was irritating, but the fact that they’re making me wait further to rememdy it is really making me unhappy. I think i’ll write an email to someone outside of customer service.

So much for getting a good head start on my Christmas stuff. :verysad:

well that stinks but i have a feeling that at this point it really is out of their control. i don’t think anybody has been able to log into Knitpicks all day today. (i am a lot more patient when it isn’t my stuff! :rollseyes: )

mebbe they will put a special prize in there for you for having to wait! :wink:

You might mention your extreme and sad disappointment during your next call…

Oh hh, I’m so sorry that you have to wait even longer!! hugs

They don’t care. At least the person I talked to didn’t. All I got was an irritated “hm!” And it’s not really KP that you talk to anyway; it’s some yarn/craft conglomerate.


And no special prizes, either. When I did my re-order, I decided to throw in some sock yarn. “Well, of course you’ll be charged for that,” she said to me in the most prickly way possible. :shock: I didn’t ask for her NOT to charge me for it. The cheek!

Of course she could have offered to throw in freaking discount coupon or something, but noooo.


:shock: Arggghh… Now you’re all scaring me. The just sent my order on Wed. Hope I have better luck!

Mine took some time also, but found UPS stuck it in the garage and I never knew it, check around UPS does some really dumb things sometimes. One driver left a friends box that had to be signed for under her porch and the4 signature the driver signed for was Mr.Under Porch, what a mess locating and finding out what he did with it.

Has yours arrived, Jan? Mine shipped last Monday (whatever that date was) and arrived today. The re-ship, that is, not the original order. I’ve no clue what happened to that one. :rollseyes:

But I am so relieved. I was worried that I lived in some kind of yarn black hole or something! :shock:

Good for you finally! Mine was shipped the day before Thanksgiving so in reality it’s like it shipped yesterday I suppose since it was a holiday weekend. Ugh… :rollseyes:

Angela, glad you got yours finally! Gosh, these are long waits for packages!

Well, once it’s shipped, it’s the shipper’s fault if it’s slow, right? As long as it’s a decent shipping option, you can’t blame KP if it’s held up by the shipper.

Is it UPS, as Anette says? UPS ground usually takes a week, coast to coast, although it might be a bit slower this time of year. Try calling UPS, and see if they’re holding a package for you. Sometimes they’ll try to deliver, and if it’s bad weather or something, they won’t leave it outside to get rained on, and delivery is delayed.