Knitpicks order still not received

I guess the “best way” they sent it must be by donkey. Hopefully within the next week I’ll see a delivery person on a donkey ride up with my order!! it’s been 11 days since it was shipped. :rollseyes: :rollseyes:
I mean free delivery is fine, but not if it takes this long!!

I hope you get it soon!! Don’t ya hate when you have something coming and your anxious to get it but then it takes forever!! LOL I’m not sure what your suppose to wait cause I live in OH where its shipped so I get mine fairly quickly… :thinking:

I know, you’d think I’ve got enough but i want it to GET HERE lol.
just for the fun of seeing the diff stuff I ordered. Hmm, kind of forgotten now what I did order. :rofling:

I know what you mean… I ordered mine on Nov 6th and it shipped on Nov 8th and it’s STILL not here on the 21st!!

We’re not even in the Christmas postal rush… :frowning:

Not a happy hedgehog… :verysad:


hedgehog, I ordered on the 9th and it shipped (or put on the donkey) on the 10th!! That darn donkey must have taken a wrong turn!

isn’t the free delivery something like 10-14 days? if that is the case you could be getting your packages anytime between today and next week ya know. i have NOOOOO patience for that kinda delivery! whenever i have let them pick the delivery time it has taken me forever to get my packages and seriously, Omaha is NOT that far from anywhere when it comes to delivery! I usually take the three day delivery when i qualify for the free shipping. Only costs about $7 then…i can accept that for a delivery charge! :thumbsup:

next time I will pick a qucker delivery with them.
I get free delivery from Books a Million and it comes UPS within 2 days.
I got free delivery with Yarn Market and got it within 5 days.
i guess each place differs.

I chose “best way” or whatever the lowest cost was for my last order, which was a book. I think it took 12 days.

for yarn, I always get 3-day. I want to make sure I know when it’s arriving, because I don’t want stuff left at my front door.

That’s why I skip the free shipping and just pay for priority. I have NO patience either when waiting for yarn. lol

i will do the same kristin next time I order.
at least with KP.

Ahhhh…the holidays and our USPS, they only have billions of things to send…BUT…OUR KNITTING STUFF SHOULD BE 1ST :wink:

the holidays aren’t the issue with their free delivery. some people may get theirs super quick but it is starting to sound like more and more people are getting theirs superslow instead!

mebbe they are being delivered by the cowboy munkey! heh

My KP orders take a while too. I usually forget about it and then voila! What’s this? A package?? for me? Yeah! :cheering:

It seems to me that the further west you are, the longer it takes… :??

Don’t even get me started on KP and the free shipping!

Well, I ordered some goodies early in the month; the package shipped on the 4th and is still not here. They processed a re-order for me on Friday (the day after the 14 day window they allow). I don’t know if the re-order has shipped or not; I haven’t received any notification.

It’s very frustrating!

Hope a good story won’t make everyone who’s waiting even more jumpy.

I placed the order last Tuesday at KP, and it came in Saturday’s mail.
I’m in the Detroit area and I know they ship from Ohio, so that may be why mine came so fast. I had both yarn and a couple books in the order, and had it shipped by their “best way”.

Maybe my donkey had won the Donkey Derby! :?? Or maybe there’s too many wonderful sights to see between Ohio and Alabama? :thinking:

Hope all your orders come SOOOOON!!!

Happy Knitting (when you get the yarn) :XX: :XX:


Or the USPS had a little trouble distinguishing ALabama from AlasKa from ARkansas. Your yarn may be pretty well traveled by now. :rollseyes:

Hmm… i’m on the East Coast and not too far… I mean, heck, it only takes me 7.5 hours to drive to Ohio myself!!

Sheesh! Do they do pick-up orders?? :slight_smile:


Maybe so…I just received email notification that the re-order shipped.

Maybe it will be here by Christmas.

HH, I’m only 8 or so hours from there myself. It is tempting to drive :slight_smile:

Mary and Sara, ya’ll are too funny!