KnitPicks order received - I'm happy.....kinda

I’m so happy with the colours and the quality of the yarn, but here’s my thing (and I will be calling customer service in the morning). I ordered 2 balls each of the Wool of the Andes “carrot” and “cherry blossom” colours. The two balls of “carrot” looked noticeably bigger than the “cherry blossom”, I thought it was maybe the way they were wound, so I unwound the center pull balls and put them into regular balls and the orange still looks noticeably more than the pink, even though they are both labelled equally at 110yds.

Has anyone else had this problem??? :thinking:

Are they both wool of the andes? Maybe one is mistakenly something else?

:thinking: do you have a kitchen scale or something on which you can weigh them?

Okay, now I’m really happy!! Without any question, after I explained what appears to have happened, the operator said that she would send out another ball of cherry blossom to me today, free of charge.

:cheering: Yay KnitPicks!! :cheering: Great customer service!

That’s cool, good customer service! Knitqueen, I got this yarn too. Was very disappointed in one color that my dh calls the color of baby poop… ha, but I don’t feel like sending it back.

This yarn was a lot thinner than I expected. What are you going to make with it? curious, I don’t know what to make with mine. Trying to remember what Amy made with hers.

I am making a felted booga bag with it. I believe that Amy said that the Wool of the Andes was the same gauge as the yarn called for in the actual booga bag pattern. I also figure that with a bag, gauge isn’t as important anyways so I’m just going to wing it and hope for the best. My first attempt at using a circular needle, using wool, and felting. Wish me luck!!!


Does the booga bag patterb call for knitting with a double strand, maybe?

I don’t believe it does. It just calls for a single strand on circular size 10-1/2 needles.

hmmmm, yeah Kelly, I thought the booga bag would require thicker yarn like Noro Kureyon… this wool of andes is very thin!

knitqueen, you’ll enjoy the circulars, I’ve grown to really like them!

I asked the people at black sheep bags (they did the booga) and they say 1 strand of yarn! I’ve just ordered knitpicks for 3 boogas … sure hope it works!! I’m doing one with 2 colors of the wool of the andes and the other 2 I’m doing in the natural and will be dyeing the wool for a surprise BOOGA!! Has anyone seen Spanglish?..U know there’s a line in it about ‘good booga booga’ or something like that…anyway…made me think of the bag…now it will make u want to rent the movie so u will know that i’m really not crazy and that’s in the movie… :doh:
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