Knitpicks Options Sets

How many do you have? Reading through some of the other threads, I’ve notices several people say that they have both the nickel Options and the Harmony ones.

I’m very close to pulling the trigger and ordering a set of Harmony Options (wondering if they will get to me by the time we leave for our trip on Thursday) and I’m wondering if I should go ahead and plan on getting both sets and saving myself the trouble later. :roflhard:

I’m going to try to make this a poll…

i would buy both to see which one i liked more
but thats just me

you could get a pair of tips in each to see which ones you like more. i have heard it mentioned (and now have to agree now that i have experienced both) that sometimes the nickle tips are best and sometimes the harmony works better. it just depends on the project. i plan on getting the set of harmony sock dpns sometime in the near future because i like the way the wood holds onto the stitches, but the laminate allows them to be slipped off much easier than with regular bamboo needles. i really like the nickle tips for heavier yarn (like malabrigo) because they keep me from knitting way too tight. come to think of it, if you like knitting cables you might want to get the harmony cable needles. they were the first harmony needles i tried and i fell in love with them. there’s no way they will fall out of my stitches because the grooves really do hold on to them. plus they’re just so pretty and smooth! they’re like the knitter’s version of a worry stone. :thumbsup:

i have a question about your poll. by “one set” do you mean one set of tips or an entire enterchangeable set?

I have a single set of tips in each style. I completely agree that it depends on the project. The project I just finished I did with the harmony tips and it worked very well, but I have another project I’m doing with the options tips and I don’t think the harmony tips would work well with that particular yarn.

I’ll probably wind up buying the Options set, actually, and getting the larger sizes in Harmony.

I just got the Harmonys (well, they haven’t arrived yet, but they are IN HOUSTON. SO CLOSE!!!), but I have now discovered that I do like metal needles (got an Addi circ from a friend) for some things, so I have a feeling that I might have to go back and get the nickel at some point, too. I’m in LOVE with the cable needles, too–I got those a little while ago and think they are the best things EVER!

I put only one, but I do have several classic circulars as well.

I have two nickel sets. I just like metal better.

I just have the traditional circular needles… Maybe I’ll get a Harmony set at some point. They’re BEAUTIFUL!! I really don’t like the joins from cables to tips on the ChiaGoo bamboo sets I have. My yarn always gets stuck. Does anyone else have that issue?

I first used my Denise Set all the time. Then KP’s came out with the beautiful Harmony Set and I now only use them. I am VERY happy with them. The metal ones never appealed to me. The wooden ones do.:yay:

You didn’t include an option for have one, want more!!!

I have one set of metal and someday hope to get the wooden.

I doubt my Denise will ever get used again, may just have to sell them!!!

Options all the way.

You know, I don’t know. :blush: I’m going to say “either”, because the point is if you already have one in the size you need, do you also get the other one in the same size? Do you really need more than one?

Of course, a lot of you have several WIPs, so maybe that is the answer to my question. :doh:

As a side note, I did go ahead and order the Harmony set, as well as a 40" cable AND two #2 Harmony 24" circulars. :knitting: I figure I can always order the metal ones later if you all convince me. :wink:


I reallly thought I had all my bases covered! I’ll see if I can edit the poll; if not, I think you can pick the two or more option. :thumbsup:

edited to add: I can’t seem to edit the poll. Sorry!

I only have the Options now, but I am seriously thinking of getting the Harmonies and the Harmony DPN sock set too!

I hope that will finally put my desire to buy needles to rest! :teehee:

I bought both (well, I wouldn’t have, but the Harmonies were a Christmas gift). I wanted it because I do a lot of knitting on two circulars, and needed two of several sizes. I had planned to get another set of the original Options, but then the Harmonies came out, so I figured I’d go for both.

sometimes i knit so vigorously that my tips unscrew some (never completely) from the cables. i’ve just gotten used to making sure they’re tight after each row/round. sometimes it bugs me a little, but i’d say it’s worth it. they’re just so daggone cool! :teehee:

the harmony needles are WONDERFUL. the only time i could think of that someone would not like them at all (even just for [I]some [/I]projects) is if they were the world’s fastest knitter and could not stand the thought of the slightest grab slowing them down. they are just the tiniest bit grabbier than the regular options. that’s why i l:heart:ve the dpns for socks.

that won’t be too hard. :cool:

[I]eta:[/I] i just voted that i have two or more sets. i have sz. 4-9 tips in the regular options, and a couple different size cables (not nearly enough :teehee:). i plan on getting the harmony sock set and quite possibly the regular harmony set (when i win the lottery or find out about some really rich relative who just died and left me their fortune - whichever comes first). i might even get a fixed harmony circ for lace. i don’t think the interchangeable join would be too conducive to really, really skinny plied yarn. i don’t even want to think about it. :shock:

I have the Options set, and just ordered a few Harmony tips. We’ll see how long until I own that set, too. lol

I’ve used the Options on really thin (almost cobweb) yarn and there was no problem with the join.

silly me I didn’t even know that harmony made the cable needles. Wow that is going on my wish list. I always take a few dollars at tax time…:roflhard: I gotta keep up with KP for my extras from now on :shock:.
I love my options nickel set. I still have to get the larger needles to finish out the set. My my I do want the sock set, but it is a size 6" long has anyone used them yet. I have 7" needles for my sock knitting. Love them also but I find they do bend I knit a little hard…:stuck_out_tongue:
So maybe go for the options nickel set …