Knitpicks options & magic loop question

how do you go about knitting socks with knitpicks options doing the magic loop when their needle size only goes down to size 4?

just curious…

i have a set of denise needles i got last year and i rarely use them. i guess they’re all right. i’ve just discovered knitpicks, and it seems lots of people like the knitting options set better saying they can use it for the magic loop method. i guess i want to know all the knitty gritty before i decide if i’m going to sell the denise set and buy the options set.

just to give you an idea,
i have a full set of wood brittney needles i use for straight knitting. and i’m learning the magic loop method right now, so far using a susan bates set i picked up cheap at joann fabrics.
i plan on knitting sweaters more now that ive discovered knitpicks, socks, scarves, etc.

any feedback would be great!

Check out their Classic circs. (You can get there from the Options page – look for the purple box near the bottom.) They’re not interchangeable, but the 32" ones work well for two socks (or one sock) at a time on magic loop. :thumbsup:

Is the join as smooth as on the interchangeables?

Yes. They’re pretty much the same.

Jane, I know you’ve answered this before but I can’t remember, what length of the options do you use for ML? I have 16 inch options in small sizes and don’t know if I would like ML or 2 circs better for socks. Would 32 be ok for ML, or do you really need 40 in?

i haven’t been doing it long (all of 3 days) but i’m managing ML on a pair of socks with a 29 inch cable. i guess it just depends on your level of comfort.
i was worry about the cables pulling at the stitches too much, but so far, it’s going okay.
HTH :slight_smile:

Right now I’m doing toddler socks on a 40 " cable. It is a little unwieldy, but nothing that can’t be managed. I think I will get a shorter one for the future, though, but I think you can use whatever you happen to have. It just has to be long enough to make 2 loops.

I find the 32" length to be perfect for ML socks (either one or two at a time). Of course, if you don’t end up liking ML, you can use the 32" along with your 16" to do the 2-circ method instead.

thanks! I just tried ML with size 5 needles 32 in with some scrap worsted and it worked great. I have been using DPN’s for socks and small projects and it’s ok, but I keep waiting to get less awkward and it hasn’t happened. I also tried the sock in a sock thing, and it’s cool, but I am not picking it up too fast. I think I’ll get some 32in KP circs in smaller sizes and go for it. No more second sock disease!