Knitpicks Options Interchangable needles question

I just got my knitpicks options interchangable knitting needles today. I love them. I’m totally new to the interchangable needle thing, so I have one question. How in the world do you use the cable key? I know this is probably a stupid question, but I’m confused. I put it in the hole, and screwed my needles in, and the thing is, it looks like it would be pretty impossible for my stitches to move smoothly on the cable. Anyone have any advice, or am I just being stupid here lol? TIA!

The key is just for extra leverage to make sure you screw the tips on tightly. take it out when you’re done tightening the tips.

Thanks for the response! I didn’t realize that they were just to tighten the needles and were to be pulled right out! That makes sense! :slight_smile:

Hi, Jen! :waving:

Someone posted a tip about securely attaching the needle tips. She said that if you hold the little key with one hand and then use one of those grippy things for unscrewing bottle caps to tighten the needle tip it works great. The one I have is round and looks like the waffled stuff you use to keep scatter rugs from slipping. I keep it in my needle bag for attaching and loosening the tips.

Good luck with your Options! I love mine!

Happy knitting,
Ruthie :hug:

I agree with Ruthie, use the ‘non skid’ stuff for holding the needle. I’ve never had a needle come loose when using it to tighten and it helps to grip when removing them as well.

Ok, I’ll deffinitely have to give that a try thanks guys! :slight_smile: