KnitPicks Options cable spaghetti dinner

What does everyone do to keep their KP Options cables sorted and labeled? If I’m not diligent in putting them away immediately after using, I end up with a fine Italian dinner.

I put all the same sizes together and just twist them around once and stick the ends through the loop. I also use an interchangeable needle holder similar to this one -

The place I got mine won’t be back in business till the end of the year, but these look a lot like them. I prefer the snap over the ties.

Jan, what does it look like on the inside?

If you click on the pictures there are more photos- Mine is a little different than this, but very similar.

That’s a nice case, but a bit pricey for me. It gives me some ideas, though…

Mine was a lot cheaper, but she’s not around till the end of the year. There are other ones that are less expensive especially if you don’t mind the ties.

If you sew you might be able to come up with your own version that has everything you need. :thumbsup:

I saw this somewhere and made one for my circs. I need to make another one for my larger cirs because they won’t go through the small holes of the small spools. I think someone on here had a link to the site showing how to make these.

Oops…forgot the picture :aww:

You cracked me up! I’m afraid I have no sage wisdom, mine is like that most of the time as well!

I use the little plastic bag the kit comes in - went to Walmart and bought some of the small “jewelry” ziploc baggies. I keep the sizes wound together (like they come from KP) and the baggies labled with the sizes. It was driving me crazy every time I wanted to start a project and had to sift through all the cables to find the correct size. This has been working well for me though.

My method of sorting circulars is a lot like Wanda’s. I either use the plastic bag for each set of needles, or put each one in a sandwich bag. They are “filed” by size and cable length in a rectangular box cosmetics case I got as a freebie at some point. The case looks a lot like this one:

I don’t have it set up yet…but, when I move the plan is to use an old over the door shoe sorter, you know the type w/ smaller slots for one shoe and at the bottom a few longer slots for boots…I’ll sort the length in the bottom and the tips by size in the top ones…these aren’t the closet hangers that are horizontal but the door one that the slots are vertical. Then I can put all the same size in a slot and it won’t matter what length or what type…I can even put the size 7 circs in the same slot at the size 7 straights and i can just grab and go…if that made sense:teehee: :mrgreen: