Knitpicks Options Advice

So, I bought the Boye Needlemaster and didn’t like them. After advice from the forum, I decided to get the KPO. I didn’t want the case, though, because my sister is going to custom make a fabric one for me. My DH said I could get the whole set of KPO’s :happydance: but I had to do it in two purchases (one right away and one in a couple months). I figured out how to get two shipments of a little over $45 each to get free shipping (why pay 3.79 to ship when you can get cables for 3.99?)
My first shipment came last week and I LOVE them! I can’t seem to put them down…

Anyway, I didn’t read the description very well so I was pleasantly surprised when two cables of each size arrived. Part of my $90 total included doubling up on cables. Well, I don’t need four of two sizes, so now I’m wondering what I should get instead. I didn’t get the regular circulars but I eventually want to knit socks. They don’t have 40" cables for the small sizes, though, and I am addicted to Magic Loop. Can you do two socks at once on the 32"? Should I get two of the plain circulars in the same size and do 2 socks on 2 circs? And which size should I get (0,1,2,3?) Or should I double up on interchangeable tips/cables?

Remember, I only have $8-$10 to spend… What would you do? TIA for any advice to help me make up my mind!

You can use the 32" for Magic Loop knitting. Or get 2 matching circs for knitting on 2 circulars. (I’d get two 24 inch needles so you can knit 1 or 2 at a time on them… if you choose the 2 circ method.)

The most common size needle for socks using sock weight yarn is size 2. If you like your socks knit a bit tighter, go with size 1s. :slight_smile:

I have used the 32" for 2 socks on Magic Loop. You just have to be a little more careful not to pull the right needle too far. I’m waiting for KP to sell 40" needles, I would prefer those. For just one sock, 32" is plenty enough IMO.

I’m surprised that the most frequent size is 2’s. I knit mine on 0’s and I think it makes a fabric just dense enough. Maybe I’m a loose knitter who ignores herself!

It’s funny, I just tried magic loop on the KP 32in circulars (size 1) literally 2 minutes ago! I had never done magic loop before, and it’s way easier than I thought! I really had no problem whatsoever, so for one sock, 32 inches will be fine. It might be a little short for two socks however, but I’ll give it a try! :happydance:

I prefer size 1 for socks, but often I knit socks on size 2 because it’s quicker :oops: My experience is that for some yarns, size 2 is ok, but for others the fabric will not be tight enough. Like Silver says, if you like a tight fabric, size 1 is better. If you’re impatient like me, maybe you’re better with a size 2 :teehee:

If you do more than 1 project at a time you might consider getting duplicate tips in the sizes you use most ofter. I doubled up the tips on 4-8 and even got a 3rd set of 7’s.

I use the KnitPicks 32" cable for ML, and it is better than any other I’ve used. I usually use a 47" Addi for it, but these are so flexible, I can do it on a shorter one.