Knitpicks nickel vs harmony vs Addis

I couldnt use the first knitpicks interchangables because they were too pointy for the way I push my needles, so I ended up with huge bruises and blisters on my fingertip.
Does anyone have both? And could tell me if the harmonies are as sharp or more rounded like addis?



I don’t have the Clicks but I hav a few Addis and a few Options (just not the whole set yet). I do like the point on my Options better than the less-pointy Addis. If I’m not doing a lot of yarnovers or having to cast on in the middle then it’s not as big a deal. I have a little calous on my “push” finger.

I have one pair of Harmony tips - they [I]are[/I] as pointy as the Options. And the wood came out of the metal so I reglued them. I don’t use them much because I find them hard to see with darker yarns. But they sure are pretty…

I use my Options for almost everything, although I have Addis too. I prefer the sharper tip on the Options – Addis are definitely more rounded. Pricey,too.

Thank you! Thats what I needed to know.
I know some folks prefer the very pointy tip of options, but I couldnt use them :confused: So I needed to know about Harmony tips before I spent money on them.
Doesnt matter how inexpensive they are if you cant use them.
For now I’ll stick to my denise’s and my silvalume circulars.
The silvalumes are inexpensive and dont have cable issues that others do, but they arent interchangable. They work lovely when my denises dont have the right size etc.
Thank you again!


See ArtLady’s post here about the Addis interchangeables.


I just bought the Harmony set. I really like using circulars because of a problem I have with hand strength. Tho’ the Harmony tips are pointy, I don’t think they hurt as much as the Option tips. They seem to be very sharp and my finger really hurts after a couple of hours knitting. I also have a Denise set. Very nice; they don’t hurt me at all. I must push the tip the same way you do.

I do love wooden needles and I love the feel of the Harmony needles.


I have a question. If you have the Options set, and you want to just buy one set of tips for the Harmony set, can you use them with the Options cords?


What I did was I ordered one set of harmony tips (size 6) and one set of options (size 8) and what set of cables (32" which came in a package of two) and I have been trying them out. I really like both of them. The harmonies seem sharper to me, but that might just be because they are a smaller sized needle. I love them both, but I think I am going to opt for the option set and then add harmonies as I see fit.