Knitpicks new look

What do you guys think? I kinda like it, but it’ll take a little getting used to.

eh… it’s fine. the other way was fine too…lol. I think it has a slightly more elegant look but it is fine either way.

i am getting irritated that nobody has more pictures of the patterns in Charmed Knits… but that is more about the publisher than them i guess…lol

I think it’s a lot nicer looking than the old site. Easier to navigate and not so clunky. I don’t care for drop downs as much as links.


I like it a lot so far. It’s easier to navigate…or something. :teehee:

I like it, it was easy to maneuver around - I spent more than I should have while I explored. But, Oh well, its an addiction - not a hobby. :heart:

I like it. I was just surprised though because I was on it one day and the next morning it was changed! It looks good.

I love it! I also love that the “View Cart” has changed to “View Stash”–that subtle change makes me think what’s in there is mine already :teehee:

It’s alot nicer looking, but I’d like Knit Picks either way.

I had a problem with things disappearing. I ordered the book Knitted Tams and a couple of yarn kits to use with it. Now I can’t find any of those things as well as their color chart I needed to make the tams.

I like it, it’s very springy and delicate looking.

I caught that too! :teehee:

I don’t really like it now. I looks too soft and girly. Which I’m not…

Me either.

As a self-taught web designer, I think it looks very professional. It just seems like it’s got a more streamlined look to it.

Of course, I’ve been staring at a computer all day, so my eyes may be shot. Dare I go work on my booga bag??? Can you say FROG?!


Cleaner, more professional. Me like me like.