Knitpicks needs more colors!

I NEEEED some Shine in white! WHAAAAA!!!

WHY don’t they have white yarn? They don’t have ANY white yarn!! :shock:

Yeah…you are right! They only have the natural dye-your-owns!

Did you email them??

Uh. No… I have too much yarn on the brain and didn’t even think of that. LOL

Um… what’s their email address? I can’t find it on the site. :??

I only found an address for the webmaster.

i called them today to see if they have WOTA colors that aren’t on the site (when you go into baby yarns there is a WOTA picture of baby blue yarn but it isn’t available that i can see) the woman who answered the phone acted like i was crazy asking about colors. I am sure they are very nice people but i was more than a little annoyed with her. She acted like i was speaking a foreign language. grrrrrr

i went to my LYS and got me some baby blue yarn…hmph! :smiley:
I want white, too!! And LOTS more colors in WOTA; WOTA colors comparable to the merino style, which has the prettiest colors to me. FYI…I AM Merino yarn, according to the quiz :rollseyes: . I happen to be my favorite yarn…lol; were that the case…I’d have a LOT of yarn :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: .

I think it’s a HUGE flaw in their company. The color choices are awful, for all the yarns. Not that they aren’t beautiful colors, but there isn’t a big enough selection of any. And there are very few standard basic colors. At the very least, there should be white and natural available in EVERY yarn, in addition to what they already have.

It’s crazy. SO many times I’ve gone there first to look for yarn for a project, and have had to go elsewhere because the colors are so darned limited.

Hopefully one day, they’ll widen the color choices. :pray:

I agree Silver…I was telling my Mom yesterday that their color selection is VERY limited!!!

I called them the first day that I noticed that light blue wota on the main yarn page. I asked the nice lady that answered the phone about when they would be getting more colors and she said it was something that they are looking to do. she said that having a white and black in every yarn was on the top of their priority list. She also said that the company just took off so fast that with all of the work trying to keep up with the orders and maintaining the business that they have gotton a little behind schedule.

I will keep supporting them. So far, I have not been dissppointed!

Kelley has told me virtually the same thing, Amp. And, those people that answer the phone are also working for the 2 other companies that are under this umbrella of the larger company, I forget the names; but they are seen on the website; and the sales reps are telling you (whomever calls) what they have been told, they don’t work directly for knitpicks, I don’t believe that they are at the KP office or factory. I think that the best way to make your requests known are through emails, these do go to the office.
They (KnitPicks) are working at a constant pace trying to put out catalogs more often than in the past and at the same time putting out newer yarns; there are still new yarns coming this summer or fall, that I know of. I think that the quickness of their popularity kind of caught them off gaurd. And they are trying to meet the demands and requests of all the knitters as quickly as possible. Considering that they are a relatively small company compared to the ‘big boys’ that have been around and established for so long I think that they are doing a pretty good job…BUT…I WANT MY NEW COLORS NOW…LOL!! I have absolutely no idea what goes in to making the changes with the colors, etc; whether it requires more space or what not. But I do know that having worked with them and now chatting with them from time to time that they are a great group of people that really love knitting and especially KNITTERS!! Just let KP know that we need new colors, etc., ask what it entails to do this; who knows, they may give you the whole scoop :wink:
I really love that light blue WOTA, too…ahhhhh…to have WOTA in the same colors as Merino Style…this is my wish…

I’ll never give up on them. My whole complaint is that I’m forced to go elsewhere when I really, really want to purchase from Knitpicks. I know they’re growing pretty fast, and it’s awesome. I’m happy for them.

I just want white yarn. White and pink are my two favorite colors to knit with. I wear jeans almost every day, and those two colors look great with denim. lol

They also need to get a bulky wool. There are a couple sweaters I want to do, and I would love to get the yarn super cheap (not to mention the great quality).

BULKY IS ON THE WAY…YIPPEE KIYAY :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Rebecca!! Do you have some kind of inside scoop?? I’ve been hoping for bulky wool…please tell all!!! :wink:

That’s about all of the scoopage that I have for telling :wink:

Oh, yay, me too! :cheering:

Ack!! I just hope it’s out in time for my Christmas knitting… :wink:

I can’t wait to order from knitpicks. I hope they have more color choices soon.

Rebecca…is there a special newsletter for all of you FANCY SCHMANCY SOCK DESIGNERS or something?? :wink: