KnitPicks needles

Has anyone tried the Knit Picks Options needles yet? What do you think? They say the points are sharp - I wonder if they are sharper than addi turbos? I get that the options part is very much like Denises - except you get to pick which ones you need and get multipes if you want. I’m just curious if the feel of them is like addi turbos or different. The catalog says they are particularly good for fuzzy yarns like suri dream :inlove:

Btw, their catalog is very cool as usual, just got mine today :heart:


They are sharper according to everyone who has them. Here’s a few links from previous posts that will probably answer your questions.
Options needles

Here’s a review on Knitter’s Review.
Knitter’s review - options

Thanks Jan! I guess I shouldda searched under options :oops:

I’m very intrigued, I’d like to try some! Wanting to put together an order for KP anyway…

Laura :devil:

These are really great needles. I have both Addis and the new KnitPicks. The points are definitely more pronounced than the Addis, and your gauge may be slightly different. They are definitely competition for Addis.