Knitpicks needles-which kind should I get for my project?

I am not going to order a whole set right now, but I am going to get one set to try them out. I am going to be knitting a stole with lace weight yarn, that has a lot of fairly intricate lace patterning in it. The yarn I will use is lace weight 100% merino wool. The needle size will be a US 4.

For those of you who have used them, would recommend the Harmony needles or the nickel plated needles?

If you are doing the project with a dark yarn the Options may make it easier to see the stitches, other than that I would say it’s personal preference. I’ve knitted lace shawls on the Harmony’s and been quite happy with the experience.

I agree with Plantgoddess, I would say the Harmonies-if your yarn is a lighter color. If its a darker shade, depending on how sharp your eyesight is, you might want to go with the Options nickel-plated :slight_smile: Personally, I think I’d prefer the Harmonies either way, and I’d use an extra-bright light to deal with the lack of contrast. Lace on metal scares me :teehee:

Yes, if you’re going to be knitting with laceweight, try the Harmonies; thin yarn grips better on wood needles.

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I’ve done lace work on the Options and loved them! I liked the smooth slide and had no difficulty with them being too slippery. Also, the tips are great for lace, nice and pointy without being too sharp.

Good luck!

Ruthie :waving:

I also have done three lace shawls on the options and love them. Right now I just can’t justify the whole set of harmonies just now. I do have a size 8 and I have tried my lace on those. They work good too. So it is all up to what type of needle you like to work with.