Knitpicks Merino Style?

Has anyone used this yarn? Would it be appropriate for Reid from Knitty, even though the pattern calls for mercerized (??) cotton?

Also, what do you think of the colour combo of Petal (main colour) and Rhubarb (edging)?

If I order this, this would be my first Knitpicks order!!! :happydance:

well i would definitely check the gauges on those two. The Grace is 6sts/in on size 6 needles. The Merino Style is 5.5sts/in on size 5…might be able to do it with some needle adjustments!

I haven’t used either of those yarns (KP merino style or the cotton listed in the pattern) but I would never make something for a child that needed to be handwashed. Just not worth the trouble in my opinion! I think I’d use 'Shine Sport ’ from Knitpicks. :smiley:

Hmmm…good points brendajos and knitqueen! Do you think Reid in whatever it’s knit with would be hardy enough to machine wash?? It looks so lacy and fragile, I guess.

You’d probably want to do it on a gentle cycle, maybe in a mesh laundry bag, and lay flat to dry but otherwise if you used a washable yarn like Shine Sport I would totally machine wash it! (That’s just me though, I machine wash just about everything!)

I’m knitting with Shine Sport right now on US6 needles and I’m getting 5 sts/inch. But also…I’m doing a lace pattern, and this yarn shows it really well – it doesn’t seem fragile to me. :smiley:

Shine sport is sounding better and better…

Unfortunately, I’m under a yarn-buying ban imposed by DH who does NOT want me to develop a stash. :mad: I already have yarn for 3 more afghans and some socks and a baby hat, so apparently I have to get some of those projects done before the ban is lifted. Better get working…

Not sure if the gauge would match for this project but for future reference, the merino style is very nice…soft! I got to feel up Hilde’s sweater made from it when I visited Chicago. If you want to know how it wears, etc. you may want to ask her.