KnitPicks Interchangeables

Hi all,

I’m sure this subject has been discussed before, but rather than spend any more time searching the archives, I thought I’d just ask the question here.

A bit of preamble…I’ve long been a happy customer of the KnitPicks Harmony Interchangeables, and am looking to add to that set with other tips. I really like the idea of the Zephyrs, and do have one set of US5 Nickel-plated Options that I’m using on a project. The benefit of the Nickel-Plated is that there is no join to come unglued (yes, I’m one of those customers who’ve had a lot of unglued tips, though customer service at KP has been more than accommodating).

So here’s my question: do any of you out there use the new Zephyr tips and do you like them?

I considered buying the Zephyrs but declined because of the joints coming unglued in my Harmonies. I opted instead for a set of Options and I’m glad I did. The Options are lovely and while they aren’t as cool to look at, I don’t have to worry about them falling apart.