Knitpicks Harmony set for my b-day

I have just given my husband a HUGE hint to please please please get me the Harmony set for my b-day next week. We usually have no extra money for this sort of thing but may just splurge for once. :woohoo:

I don’t have any circular needles at this point and just a few sizes of the Boye metal colored ones. I like them but they’re a little slippy and I hate dropping stitches- hopefully those beautiful wood ones will do better.

Any suggestions? Do you have these? Will I love them so much I will wear them as hair sticks? Do tell!

I bought one pair of them to try them out and I love them. I am saving up to get the set… totally fun to work with and beautiful to boot…

:inlove: I love mine so much that I knit with nothing else now. I even ordered the double-points in all the sizes. They make knitting easier for me, because they have such pointy tips and the wood has a little grip but is still smooth enough to slide stitches off easily. Birthdays are a great excuse to splurge and its actually quite affordable if you consider the cost of buying all those needles individually… and other brands aren’t so beautiful.

I hope hubby gets the hint and you have an extra-special happy birthday!

I sure love mine and am considering getting a set of the dpns. I love having whatever size I need for any project. I don’t have all the dpns and had to pass up a project until I can get the right size dpn to do it. I love the pointy tips and like the lightness of the needles.

I’m sure you’ll like them.
The best thing is how much you can do with the set.
I was kitting flat on circular and the piece was getting difficult to spin all the time, so I put another cable and cable ends on and was kitting like I was using straights.
(I have Options but the same principle applies. I do want some Harmony needles for migraine days when I’m light sensitive.)

I want them [I]reeeeeal[/I] bad! Hope your hubby takes a hint!

The method you’re talking about is what I am most curious to learn. The prayer shawl I’m making is on aluminum straights and it’s heavy now- a friend told me that working on a circular would take the weight off of my hands more. I guess the capped cables would still help with that.

You will LOVE them! I finally have most of the sizes now. I picked up several tips each time I ordered. What I love most about them, over the Options, is that when I’m knitting at night under the light they don’t reflect a glare like the Options. Plus they’re just so dang pretty! :smiley:

I have few db sets and I love them! I also have the metal Options set too, I wish they had the Harmony set when I bought them!

The flat circular was OK for me until I got beyond 15" or so. Then it had to drag across my lap for the cable and then across from needle to needle.
The capped cables still allows the back of the “needle” to hang but the piece only has to cross the lap once.

I guess using a much longer cable would’ve done the same thing.