Knitpicks Harmony or Denise?

I’m looking into getting a set of interchangeable needles, and I’m looking at the Knitpicks Harmony set or the Denise set. It looks like the Denise set has more sizes and is easier to put together, but I hear the Harmony set is higher quality (and I do like wooden needles!). Anyone used one or both and have thoughts?

And another question for someone who has bought a set of interchangeables - if it says that there’s a “17 inch” cord, is that the size of the cord by itself, or the size it will be once the needles are put together? With either set I get I’m going to get some extra cords, and just make sure I get the right ones!

I haven’t been knitting for very long so all this is new to me. Thanks! :knitting:

Well, I love my Options and my Harmonies, but I can’t compare because I’ve never used the Denise.

However, I can answer the other question. Typically, the length of the cable refers to the length of the cable with the tips attached, i.e., the entire length of the circular needle.

There was a thread exactly on this topic (Harmony vs. Denise) that was just started last week. Here’s the link:

Here’s another one for Options vs. Denise:

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Good luck with your quest! :slight_smile: