Knitpicks Harmony Option set- I'm a believer!

I kept reading about how so many of you loved these so I went ahead and ordered them. They came last week. OMG - they are fantastic. I love the tips on them - and they feel like heaven. Plus they are so beautiful.
I just ordered some extra tips and some DPN’s.

I am so happy with them and so glad that I took so many people’s advice to get them.

Yay :balloons:

Okaaaaay… I need to check these out myself… was placing a KP order anyway!:stuck_out_tongue: Saw this post, and was like… “just do it”!!

Thanks to this post and ArtLady’s wonderful Options photos, I’ve decided to order the Harmony set as well. At first I’d planned to order the Denise set after reading so many complaints about the Options, but after reading a Denise complaint post, I’m gathering that all interchangeables are prone to cable issues. As long as Knitpicks continues with its great customer service, I’m willing to take the risk with those beautiful Harmony needles! Crossed Fingers

I caved and ordered the Harmonys, too (thanks to all of you for your wonderful advice and help!). I can’t WAIT for them to arrive! They’re not even here yet and I’m already half in love with them. :inlove:

I ordered an extra set of the 24" cables, too. I’m going to cut them down to 16" (which I remember reading somewhere on here you can do with the help of epoxy glue?) so I’ll have little shorty ones, too! Hooray for the options that Options give us! :lol:

I already have the Options set. I ordered a couple Harmony tips yesterday. That little voice in my head says I’ll end up buying the whole set. LOL

LOL, see, I’m afraid that when my Harmony set arrives, I’m immediately going to order the Options AND the Harmony DPNs AND the Options DPNs! :lol:

I laugh, but it’s true and it frightens me… :slight_smile:

I have the Harmony sock set. Mmmmmm nice. DH asked why I don’t just buy the set and get it over with. LOL

I got both sets this week. I’m making a sweater with them. So far I’m about a third of the way done and no problems. I really tryed to get the cable in there tight with the little thingy. So far they are not loose at all either set the harmonys or options. I really really like them. I wish they had the smaller sizes.