KnitPicks Harmony DPN Size 1 question

I received my first set of Harmony needles from Knit Picks yesterday, and I’m so disappointed! Can anyone who has a set of the size 1 dpn’s tell me if yours have color all the way through? These are just a set of brown needles with a tiny little stripe of green running vertically along one side of five of the needles, one of them is just plain old brown. I love the feel of them, but was expecting something pretty, NOT a brown needle!:waah:

When I got my Harmony set, I was interested to see that they’re apparently of birch ply, which is one of the most dimensionally stable of plywoods. The plys allow them to stain each layer a different color, which shows up as the shaded color sections on a Harmony needle, very obvious on the larger diameter needles.

On my sock needle set, though, there are some needles that are almost all green with a bit of orange at the tip, or, like yours, brown with a stripe of color. This is because, I assume, that they are machined out of basically one ply of the plywood. They come in a clear plastic storage case, and if you look at one side, one set looks all green, and if you turn it over, the same set looks all brown…

So I think it’s normal for small diameter Harmony needles…HTH.

Thanks for your quick reply! I thought that might be the case, it really should make no difference to me what they look like, but the multi-colored look was so cute!

It just occurred to me that it might be that because the smaller diameter needles have to be as strong as possible, it’s also possible they’re using a different, harder wood for them from the interchangeable tips. None of my dp sock needles have any of the light birch color in them at all. And none of my interchangeable tips have any of the darker brown in them at all. So…

I’d bet Knit Picks would give you the reason if you asked…

I just got off the phone with KnitPicks, and their response was basically “I don’t know, our warehouse is in a different state, so I have none here to look at”. Every question that I asked her, the answer was “I don’t know”. I’m very disappointed, I have read on the forum that KnitPicks has wonderful customer service, but the person that I talked to was certainly not giving that! It seems to me if you’re going to sell a product, you should be familiar enough with it to be able to answer something other than “I don’t know” to your customers. OK, I’ll stop whining…:knitting:

How aggravating. Perhaps an email? Anyway, I suppose the bottom line is how they do when you knit with them. :slight_smile: