Knitpicks glow in the dark yarn

Ok, it doesn’t actually glow in the dark.
But I just opened up the box I found on my doorstep, and my jaw hit the floor, when I looked inside…
5 skeins of Knitpicks Merino Style “rhubarb”…
WHO KNEW that “rhubarb” is also known as Florescent HOT glow in the dark orangish-pink???
I am so mad.
I mean, I order yarn from many places, online, and have NEVER been this “off” as far as true, accurate color.
These yarns look NOTHING like the swatches on their website! I don’t understand it, if not for the label, I would be certain their was a mistake made. But alas…my mistake not ordering swatches. I just don’t usually order swatches, I’ve never had this problem before.
I will have to pay to ship these back, I could not use this color!! I wouldn’t even inflict it upon a CHILD, it is so bright! It looks like a traffic cone…
I ordered 9 colors total, many of them are way brighter than they represent on the website; I love the “moss” color.
There is nothing subtle about these shades; petal is pink, iris is purple, butternut is the most basic orange I’ve ever seen.
I think I’ll send it back and re-order from I just got a bunch of shades of their Peruvian collection; the shades are gorgeous and I didn’t have a heart attack when I opened the box, either!
I wonder if it’s just the merino style or if they all are this way…

Your monitor must be off from their site, because it looks really bright pink to me on my monitor. However, I had the same problem with my monitor at home when I ordered their Panache “dusk” thinking it was a medium blue and when it arrived, it was navy almost black, blue.

Live and learn I guess. I am sure they would exchange it for something else. :shrug:

They do say that they accept returns for 30 days.
If you really won’t use, return it.

[size=1]or send it to me.[/size]

Rhubarb looks bubble gum pink on this monitor. :hug:

It looks like a bright coral pink on my monitor.

This must depend on the dyelot, my dusk panache is a very true navy, not a black blue.

Rhubarb looks more like a deep red/pink on my monitor…I guess it totally depends on the computer. On another note (not to hijack the thread) but if you read the “how accurate are the colors I’m seeing?” window it says this:

“you are dissatisfied with how color displays on your computer, we recommend discussing it with a qualified professional (whether that be your granddaughter or technical support from the place where you purchased your computer.) It is possible to improve color accuracy on your computer- it may require only simple tweaking of your display settings or it may necessitate the purchase of new software or hardware.”

Does knitpicks think only old ladies who can’t use computers knit?

I just got 5 skeins of WoTA in the mail today & the 2 solid colors I ordered (hush & violet) look very different from the color on my monitor. But, the other color (Firecracker heather) is really close to the color on my monitor. Don’t know why some varies more than others. Hope you can get it returned & find a color you can live with!

Ok, I have reached a decision:
…my neighbor just stopped by and spotted the yarn on my coffee table (it is very hard to miss). She said “ohhh WOW…what in the world are you making with THAT?”
I told her I couldn’t make anything with it, and she said “how about a doggie sweater, you will never have to worry about being seen by on-coming cars!”

…and I thought, that’s a good idea!
I have two entire books devoted to dog sweaters so I will add it to my future project list.
Seriously, I expected a bright cheery shade, but this is beyond bright.

As much as I dislike the color, I bet my pup will look adorable in it, if anyone can wear rhubarb and get away with it…it’s her!
I’ll be sure to post a photo once it’s done, if I can figure out how, and if I can’t, I’ll “ask my granddaughter” as recommended by KnitPicks LOL :roflhard: :roflhard:
I mean geez, we aren’t all grandma’s right???

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the colors of Knitpicks yarns generally. Although some one must like them since they continue to make and sell the strangest colors.

I am the computer-savvy granddaughter. :teehee:

OH! :teehee:

:shrug: I’m not an old lady, and I know how to use a computer, but I’m not sure I’d know how to improve the accuracy of my color settings.