Knitpicks dpns

I purchased size 0, 1, 2, 3, knitpicks dpns for socks and although they are longer than my birch needles, I liked using them except for the cast on 'cause they are too slippery and keep falling out.

Anyway, I cast on for a pair of sock with my birch dpns (no slide) and then decided to switch to the knitpicks. The KP dpns don’t have any markings on the needles (the sleeve they came in disappeared along with the size number). I also have the size 2 KPs open. So, to figure out which were which I used my handy-dandy sizer/ruler thingy and tried running the needle I thought was the 1 through the little hole. But the needle only went in to just past the point. It fit into the 2 hole with a little room to spare, but then so did the KP needle in the bag marked 2. I checked my birch 1’s and there was plenty of room on the ruler to run the needle through the size 1 hole.

I’m figuring that I should just assume the smaller of the 2 KP sets is the 1, but it sort of bothers me that the needles seem to be incorrectly sized.

Am I just being anal or has anyone else had this problem with the Knitpicks doublepoints? (Maybe it’s not really a problem; maybe it’s just me.) Any thoughts?


The KP needles are probably correctly sized to their specifications… the problem is that one manufacturer’s “size 1” may not be the same as another’s “size 1.” Here’s a chart that shows the variation you can expect. A size 1 US can range from 2.25 to 2.75mm. :shrug:

Hm-m-m-m. Looks like we should be using the metric sizes for consistency. :??

I looked at some charts for different manufacturers and I think KP may have based their sizing on Addi turbos.

i have noticed this also

they are just a smidge bigger than Susan bates size 1’s, but they are my fave needles EVER so i just adjust for gauge

i LOVE these needles - the Susan Bates get rough after a few pairs, but my Knitpicks are showing no signs of wear

I love my Options dpn’s I have them in 0’s 1’s and 2’s. I haven’t had much trouble with sizing but maybe because I didn’t pay attention.