Knitpicks Decadence

I was thinking about knitting the Starsky cardigan out of decadence since I don’t like any of the colors in Sierra. For those of you that have knit with decadence I would like to know if it is soft or itchy, splitty, if it shows texture well (esp. cables), and if it is warm. TIA

ETA: I heard it wasn’t very bulky so would I still be able to use it for Starsky?

it is a VERY soft yarn, and it has good stitch definition and cables would stand out well on it. However, It isn’t as thick as Sierra, decadance is closer to worsted than bulky. Decadence is fuzzy and sheds a lot when knitting with it. In order to use decadence for starsky, you’ll have to swatch and do a bunch of math. If you look at the knit a long section of the knitting board on, you’ll see posts in the original starsky kal thread by someone who used a worsted weight for starsky, maybe looking at that will help you some.