Knitpicks...decadance, panache, suri...have you used?

Have you used any of these yet and if so which do you like the best? The softest?

I’ve used Decadence and Suri Dream.

Suri Dream is nice and soft, very fuzzy, and a freaking pain to frog.

Decadence is a DREAM to knit with. So soft, shows texture nicely. I’m knitting a lace pattern with it right now. I love it to pieces. Can’t say anything bad about it, really. :heart:

Can’t wait to try it! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to wait a bit though and knit yarn I already have! I thought of it though because I remembered I want to get those 0000 needles to try the knitty beaded cuff and some sock earrings and you know you can’t order from knitpicks unless you buy enough for free shipping!

Hi kemp,

of those three I’ve only used panache - but it was VERY soft and very nice to knit with!