Has anyone else tried to buy anything from them today? I can not checkout. Everytime I click the checkout button it takes me back to the login page :wall:

:shrug: hopefully you aren’t ordering TONS of yarn! :doh:

I could help you with that tons of yarn. You know, if you’re accidentally buying it. :teehee:

I wish it was tons of yarn, but it is only $1.29 sweater pattern!

Have you tried restarting your browser or computer? Sometimes your browser needs to be quit and reopened to work properly for some pages. :shrug:

I have tried that and I have changed my security to allow anything from their site. :??
I am going to call CS in a bit.
I finally got the yarn to make my DH’s sweater he has been asking for for two years and now I can’t get the pattern!

Ouch. Hopefully it’s just a server problem, and they’ll have it fixed soon.

I know! The DH is convinced he is never going to get this sweater.

I just placed an order without a problem. Just so you know, I ordered $40 worth of stuff just to help you out.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. :happydance:

Why thank you Silver! What would I do without you buying yarn just to make sure it wasn’t a problem for everyone! :muah:
Unfortunaly, I still can’t make it work. I wanted to call yesterday, but things got too busy. I wil try to call today and see what the fricking problem is.

In the newsletter I just got from them it said they were making changes to the site so it may be related to that.

I can’t get the site to work at all. :shrug:

Yeah, they have a gorgeous new layout, but must still be making changes to it; it was down when I tried to look again this morning. It’ll be back soon.


I just got it to come up but it’s very slllllllooooooooowwwwwwwww!

i couldn’t get on last night, but got on this morning. i’m having trouble navigating, probably due to the updates to the site.

if you are having trouble getting there, try re-typing the name in your browser. i can get it to load that way, but not when i use my old bookmark.

i loves me some knitpicks! :heart:

Yeah, the new front page has a little different URL. I just type in and it goes where it’s supposed to.


they are improving their website…so cool !

i love their new looks ! :heart: :cheering: :muah: :happydance:

FINALLY!!! I got it and wish I hadn’t :verysad:
This is way beyond my skill level. It is the men’s Love Song sweater pattern. I guess it is going to be a good challenge.