KnitPicks closeouts?

So does that mean they are out of some colors? Permantly? Or they’re just clearing out room for new stuff? Should I get it before its gone?

:thinking: hmmm…not sure there is really any way to know except asking them. The yarn they have on clearance is pretty, so it wouldn’t seem like they are doing it because it’s not moving. Of course, it could be they’re only pretty to me :roflhard:

I heard somewhere (probably here?) that they are consolidating the handpainted merino sock yarns into one line – but that doesn’t explain why Parade is on closeout…so I bought some in case it disappears. :wink:

:roflhard: as if you need an excuse :slight_smile:

Parade is going away. I didn’t stock up on the blue colorway fast enough :crying:

I just bought some parade fortunately. I wonder what new stuff they’ll add… :thinking:

I wish that they would add some more colors to their solid sock yarns :smiley: They are consolidating their merino socks…less of an array of colors, but I’m sure they are keeping the big sellers :smiley:

so what IS the difference between parade and sock landscape? They look the same to me. maybe that’s why they’re getting rid of one and consolidating :thinking:

Oh wait not parade. Sock memories and sock lanscapes are the ones that look the same :doh:

parade is a superwash wool/nylon blend and the landscape is 100% merino wool. Knitpicks is consolidating all the 100% merino wool sock yarns into one line. I don’t know why the parade is on sale. maybe it’s just not a big seller for knitpicks?

Parade is also closer to a sportweight rather than a fingering wt yarn :smiley:

They now have a category called just “memories”. I don’t have the email anymore, but they did say something about combining some of them.

I wish you all wouldn’t have posted anything about his. :rollseyes: I just placed my first knip picks order because of this thread!

Although that isn’t a bad thing!!! :cheering:

LOL, I’m sure it won’t be your last :roflhard: :rofling: :wink: