KnitPicks cable snapped?

I had a weird thing happen this morning. I picked up my knitting (hadn’t started yet) and all my sts were falling off one end. I actually noticed because I saw my stitch marker fall and figured it couldn’t be from my knitting, because I was holding the “short” end in my hands.

My cable broke. Not at the join, which I’ve heard can happen, but about half an inch from the join. It almost looks cut, which is impossible. I knit last night until I went to bed, and the only other person in the house is my 4-year-old who was already asleep.


It’s a faulty cable and I’m not too surprised that you described where it had broken as looking like a cut.

It’s not a fault just peculiar to KnitPicks, sometimes instead of a cut mark, you might find a ‘bubble’ or the plastic on the cable is raised in some way just at that particular spot.

Seems as if the machine just caught the cable in the wrong place - it didn’t go clean through but just a small amount of pressure - the weight of the yarn - is enough to make it snap.

Send it back to get a replacement but before using any cable needles again, check for any kind of irregular mark about half-an-inch from the metal joins. Might be as well if you give your stash the once-over in case you find any more.

Hope this helps.


If you give KP a phone call and tell them the cable broke they’ll send you a replacement right away. Unless their customer service policy has changed recently you won’t have to send the faulty one back to them.

[COLOR=blue]KP has wonderful customer service :), I just had a replacement sent to me at no charge. Give them a call.[/COLOR]
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I haven’t bought from them yet, but intend to do so next week. As several others have mentioned, I have heard WONDERFUL things about their customer service at KP. Whether you have to send it back or not, give them a call. If everything I have heard is right, they should ship you new pieces with no problem.


I’m not disputing KnitPicks’ returns policy or their customer service.

It’s just that with something as postable as a circ., I think it would be helpful to send it back so that KnitPicks [U]can see for themselves[/U] [U]what’s happened[/U] - it might help them to identify the problem and rectify the fault more quickly. That way, everyone’s happy!


That’s not a bad idea, Limey and I think it’s worth asking about when you call. :thumbsup:

I figure any product can have defects, nobody or nothing is perfect. It’s the customer service that sets them apart. Knitpicks has great customer service.

[COLOR=blue]Hi Ellie,[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]I have offered to send broken needles back and they have politely refused. I had a size 5 circular need pull out on 2 different sets. I am almost afraid to cast on. But I love :heart: the way they feel/knit. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]anne [/COLOR]
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Hi Anne

How are ya doing? Nice to hear from you again. :slight_smile:

Hmm - Momwolf has just sent me a few of her old Knitpick needles and I can certainly see why you like them so much.

If the company is aware of a particular problem, then fair enough - I just thought it was a bit rum, though, getting up in the morning and finding your knitting cable had snapped.

Just wanted to tell Knit4pie what I thought could have happened during the production process and I didn’t think it would do any harm to let Knitpicks see the break for themselves.

Best Wishes


I had thought that if they snapped (or actually I was thinking they could pull out) it would be at the join, not away from the join, if you understand me. That it was half an inch away is what really surprised me.

I need to dig out my invoices (when I remember where I put them away) and I’ll call sometime today.

[COLOR=blue]Hi Ms Ellie! :waving: [/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]Miss seeing you. How are you doing? Yes KP’s needles are wonderful… smooth and so easy to knit with. Take care, anne[/COLOR]

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