KnitPicks Books all 40% Off


Thanks I bought a bunch of great books. They have a huge selection.

That figures, since I just bought 3.

boy oh boy, i’ve been wanting charmed knits too!



Stupid KP not shipping internationally… totally sucks.

For any of you who have them - would you prefer One Skein or One Skein Wonders?

One Skein Wonders has more patterns, if that makes a difference. But has mostly b & w pics.
One Skein has about 30 projects, great color photos.

I love both books, but I own One Skein Wonders. It has a lot of great projects, and they do have color photos of all the projects, but they are all in the middle of the book and only have one picture/angle of the project.

And why does this sale have to be going on when I’m completely broke?

Well shoot. I just placed an order 2 days ago. Off to look and see if they have any of the books I’ve been thinking of getting.

Any “must have” books for a beginner? I’m so overwhelmed looking at them ALL!

I caught my husband at a weak moment and bout almost $50 dollars worth of books and yarn!:cheering: I bought No Sheep for You, Not Tonight Darling, I’m Knitting, Casts Off, The Knitters Handbook and 2 skeins each of Coal and Cranberry WOTA to make some potholders! :cheering: