Knitpicks alpaca cloud

Just wondering if any of you have used this yarn?? Thinking about ordering some for a shawl, but I wonder how soft it is and how it is to work with. Anyone?? :smiley:

i have a couple hanks of this in Iris and i think it’s luxurious and delicious. the pictures don’t do the colors justice, the heathering is magnificent, especially with iris. i find it very soft and fairly easy to work with. i am not experienced with lace, but i can compare it to things like Crystal Palace Kid Merino and it’s dreamy compared to that. Doesn’t stick at all except a bit with frogging. I LOVE it.

I just got this yesterday. It seems nice but I was hoping that the Midnight color was all black. But it has a bit of green/blue in it, and I’m not sure if I like it for the intended project. Then again I’m being rather picky here! :wink:

It is very soft.