KnitPicks "2 Needle Fingerless Mittens"

Has anybody made KnitPicks “2 needle fingerless mittens” (item # 50399)? I was wondering how hard they are. I’m still kind of a beginning knitter, so I was worried about attempting these. They look simple enough; looks like a simple ribbing patter and maybe some decreases, and the pattern uses straight needles.

Just go for it and start knitting. If all else fails, you can always frog it and use the yarn for something else. You’ll probably be fine though.

I’ve never made that pattern before, but I’ve made items that were very similar. Since it’s on two needles, it should be very easy for you. The hardest part will be the seaming when you’re done, but you’ll learn with that too.

Have fun!

I’m sure you won’t have a problem with the 2 needle wrist warmers, but I’m here to encourage you to try a pattern knit in the round :D. I almost made the gloves you are thinking of trying, but I HATE seaming, so I decided to try knitting in the round with DPNS using this pattern:


After the first couple of rounds, I started to really get the hang of the DPNS, and the finished product was nice and smooth with no seams! BTW, I used a bulky yarn

I made this set from on DPNs and found them easy because of the simple ribbing. The pattern is also free!

I did have trouble with the button hole…but it was my first time trying to make them. I did make an 8 stich button hold instead of a 6 (I must have fat thumbs).

I’m fairly new to knitting myself - if that helps at all.

Good luck!

Sara, what yarn did you use for the Vodoo Wrist Warmers? The pattern on Knitty says to use “dk worsted”. I wasn’t quite sure what that was. :shock:

That confused me too - because DK and worsted are two seperate weights!

I used it is Cashsoft Aran which s 57% extra fine merino, 33% microfiber and 10% cahsmere. Yardex says it is “fingering weight, 4 ply yarn”. VERY dreamy! It is a little splitty so I had to be careful, but it will be soooooooooo warm and cozy! I used 1 strand and followed the pattern for small (I have tiny hands) and they fit perfectly - other than having to increase the button hole size).

Pictures of the yarn are in my bloghere

And pictures of the first completed one is here. You can’t see the ribbing very well in the first one - not enough light.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, SaraJane. I may try them in that same yarn. I’m working toward next year’s Christmas presents (I’m a slow knitter :rollseyes: ), and I want them to be very soft and very warm for my dd, who also had tiny hands. She lives/works in Germany, where they don’t seem to believe in central heat and air. :lol: On top of that, she’s cold natured.

I’ve been looking for a pattern for fingerless gloves that like, but I’m scared to use DPN’s since I’m fairly new at this.
I just don’t have a credit card or anything. >.<

This pattern for VooDoo Wristwarmers is free - so you wouldn’t need a credit card!

I personally think that the wrist warmers are a great way to learn DPNs. The pattern I used (linked in the previous paragraph) is all knit 2 purl 2 with nothing else fancy (except the button hole). You could also knit the pattern on straight needles and sew up the side seam.

If you do get DPNs (which I know is tough when you are young!) I would suggest saving up for Bamboo ones - which you should be able to find for under $10.00. The plastic and aluminum ones are two slick and fall out of the stiches easily.

Give it a try and let us know how it works out!

If you really want to try dpn’s and simply cannot afford them right now, you can make them yourself out of dowel rods. You’ll need a needle gauge card, which can be purchased inexpensively at Wal-Mart or a craft store. It has holes in it identifying which size needle fits into each hole. Pre-determine which size needles you want to use first, then go to Home Depot or wherever you plan to buy your dowel rod. Test different small sized dowel rods into the holes in your card until you find one the right size for the project you need. You’ll also need some sandpaper. Take it home and watch this video (scroll to the bottom of the page). It takes some elbow grease, but it is very cheap, and easy.

I made my first set of dpn’s using a dowel rod, and watching Amy’s video. I still use them. I had to work with them a couple of different times until I got them sanded just the way I needed them, but once I did, they worked fantastic, and still do. :smiley:

The sizes of rods available to you may vary each time you go to the store. I was able to find the size I was needing (for size 7 needles) on my first trip, but when I decided to branch out and make other sizes, I ended up going to a different local hardware store, as I couldn’t find all the sizes I needed at Home Depot.

Do you think KnitPicks “Sock Garden”, “Sock Landscape” or “Memories” would work for this? They’re all fingering weight, 100% merino wool yarns that I’ve been dying to try–the colors are so yummy!

I would think that any of those three would work fine - for the VooDoo wrist warmers - I’m not sure what the KnitPicks patten calls for.

rowan cashsoft aran has 28 st on US 3s.

sock garden,
sock landscapes and sock memories all are 32 sts on US 3.

This pattern would be very easy to modify to fit the guage of the yarn - since the voodoo pattern is worked in sets of 2 stiches you can either decrease or increase by 2 to make them fit perfectly. Wood is a great material for these - to keep very warm!

I made similar ones and knitted in the round. It’s so much easier and I dispise sewing up seams. So knitting it in the round was an easy way out. Once you try it, it gets easier too. At the time I made these, I was somewhat of a beginner. It should suite you fine…here’s the site for the one I made :

PS I totally did NOT do it in rainbow; instead I used a striping yarn.

PPS I used DPNs