KnitPick Order

:knitting: Just received my KnitPicks order with the new needle cables and Acrylic needle tips! I love working with those acrylic tips but somehow I managed to break the tip on one I had so I had to order more. That’s ok, now I just have to change 1 tip for a stopper!

That’s too bad you broke it! I use the nickel plated so no experience, but I’ve actually heard that the acrylic needles do break occasionally.

Hints for using interchanges (or lessons learned) -

  1. Don’t yank the needles through the knitting to move stitches. Pinch the cable itself and slide the stitches. There’s less chance you’ll pull the cable from the join that way.

  2. Use the key and a square of grippy shelf liner to tighten the needles and they don’t come unscrewed. Also when tightening hold the metal parts not the cable itself.

Since I do these things now I’ve never had a needle come unscrewed or had a cable pull out from the join. I love my Options!

Have you tried to shape the tip again and make it usable? I was just wondering if they could be sharpened again. Maybe try a pencil sharpener and sandpaper. Keep it as a spare.

Since it was new, I wonder if there was defect?

call Knit Picks directly, they will send you a pair of the one that broke, meaning you broke one but will receive 2 as they only come in pairs. If it is just the tip then it was likely a weakness. Knit Pick’s backs their products for life as long as you bought it or received it as a gift and can relate to them who bought it. They have the best customer service I have seen yet. I had a size 6 needle with a poor wood/medal join that snagged the wool and a pair was sent out immediately. Also a cable broke and the same thing, they sent out a new one. I offered to send both defective items but they said “no need”. They likely have my business for life.