Knitovation book help needed

I am trying to make a sweater for my knitting mentor, so I can’t ask her this question, lol! I bought the Knitovation book at a resale shop. I am trying to make the Lola pattern and I don’t understand the divide for arm hole section. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to share! All the best, Myska

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Your knitting up from the lower Left Front edge up (Blue arrow) to the line in the middle of the rectangle (yellow dot). That line is a slit in the rectangle for the sleeves. In order to make the slit you’ll purl the given number of sts for your size (58 for the smallest), drop the yarn ball and pick up a new ball of yarn. Use that second ball of yarn to purl across the given number of sts for your size (42 for size small).
From now on you’ll work one side with ball #1 and the other side with ball #2 (the 2 yellow arrows) until you reach the length for your size (17" for size small).

Can you edit your post please to delete the pattern page with the pattern requirements (needles, gauge, etc). We can’t post large portions of patterns on this site due to designer copyright. Use the small pencil icon in the lower right of the post to edit.

Oh, I finally get it! Thank you so much for your lovely help! All the best, Michelle

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