Knithappens... where is my order?

i still have not got a shipping confirmation from them at all… i got a order confirmation from them on 23 March and then never heard from them since … :shrug: … anyone any advice ???

Call them…I’m sure there’s a phone number on their website :hug:

From what I hear they got really swamped with orders and are getting them out as fast as they can :happydance: … Hang in there a little bit longer… I think it will be a long wait for a lot of us… I didn’t order till Monday so not looking for my order anytime soon… :teehee:

their number is for the store not for on-line store… i am so depressed… :wall:

There is a phone number… I called them this week to check a color number.


Is there a way you can call that one, I’m sure they can give you the other number :shrug:

Hang in there…it sounds like they’re busy with the huge sale they had (this is the same place, right?)

i posted on the sale thread on tuesday or wednesday i believe. when i talked to her she said they were still on the orders from the first day of the sale. we are going to need to be patient with them and be glad that we got such great deals! According to something on Craftster they got over 5000 orders over the weekend. That’s a LOT of orders to try to get out when you don’t really have a staff for it. Just think of it as a happy present when it comes! :heart: :happydance:

ooh and when i called, i did call the number for the brick and mortar store. she had told me they were all pulling double duty and helping to process the online orders while still keeping the store open. at that point they were processing 100 orders a day out the door. i would guess that they may have gotten some staff by now just to get them out… :shrug:

There are a few places that haven’t sent me a shipping notice…and about the time I call or email it showed up on my doorstep.

I received a shipping notice Friday, and I ordered that same day. However, the UPS tracking number shows that they have only received the billing info. No package yet. I know they are swamped, but I’m still itching to pet my DB Cashmernio! :teehee:

oh boy… yes had to be patient… it seem like we are forever buying… not food or clothing but yarn… thanks for all your advice…it made me feel better and nice to know that i am not the only one who keep buying … thank you thank you …

Jasmine, you do seem to be having bad yarnma. Maybe it is a sign.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

what kind of sign would that be, Nadja ?? :teehee:

I figure they are so busy that by the time I get my order I’ll have forgotten about it and it will be that much more exciting! :cheering:

what kind of sign would that be, Nadja ?? :teehee:[/quote]

Perhaps the Goddess that rules the knittiverse has decided that you have enough yarn. :teehee:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

:rofl: plus maybe it time to de-stash ! :roflhard:

I just called KnitHappens and she said that they are just getting started on orders from Sunday of last week! :happydance:

ahem… this just in…

************ SHIPPING NOTIFICATION ************

Hi Brenda

This is to let you know that your order (5992) has been shipped.


I placed my order in the weeee small hours of the night that Sunday night so anybody after that, they are gettin’ there!

i got mine shipped today :cheering: :happydance: :muah:

:cheering: I gotta be soon then… hopefully before the weekend!!