Has anyone ever ordered from ? Is it a good place to shop?

Also, while I have your attention, do you think that THIS yarn would be okay for THIS lace shawl?

Well just looking at it, the yarn looks like to me it would work. Of course if it doesn’t just send the yarn to me :wink:

I think that yarn would work for just about any shawl… and if it doesn’t, I’d like to get in line to take it off your hands!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: You two are crazy!! Do you think I’d let any yarn (well, other than my much hated Red Heart Super Saver) out of my house un-fondled and un-knitted?? :wink:

I’ll take your poor unloved acrylic…
Don’t worry baby, I know that just because you’re hard-wearing that you’re not ugly…pets the RHSS

Knit Happens is such a cute store (it’s one of my LYSs)! I’ve never ordered from them online, but they’re very nice in person (altho, I guess it’s a completely different crew b/c the store folks don’t handle any questions about online orders). But I imagine that they are fine to work with.

I’m not an expert on substitutions, but I think the alpaca will hang/drape differently than the cotton due to it being lighter. But I would imagine that if your gauge is ok and you don’t mind the difference in weight, you’ll be fine. Since it’s a shawl and not a garment, it probably won’t matter much.

Wow! That shawl is gorgeous. I think baby alpaca would make a fantastic shawl.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I think I’m going to go ahead & order it. First of all, I’ve never worked with alpaca and I wanna’ try it!! Secondly, I spent about 3 hours last night trying to find a comparable cotten yarn to substitute and couldn’t. :frowning: I do have enough in my yarn budget (can’t believe I’ve actually budgeted yarn into my budget lol) that I could buy it, but it’d blow my funds for the whole month of August!!! If the alpaca doesn’t work on this shawl, it’s just an excuse to try something else, right? :wink:

You won’t be “blowing it” if you go with Alpaca! You’ll love it.

WOW!! I am truly impressed with this place. :slight_smile: I finally ordered it this morning around 10 AM. They emailed me around 5 to say that my order had already been shipped and gave me a UPS tracking number. Now normally when I get that kind of email when I check the tracking # it says that they received an electronic packing slip, but not necessarily the package yet. I checked it and UPS actually has the package already!!! :o Now THAT’S fast!!!

I think I’ll be shopping with them again. :cheering:

that’s great to hear! If you ever find yourself in the Washington DC area, you’ll have to visit the store in person. Old Town Alexandria (just outside of DC, and on the Metro) is an adorable town full of fun shops and restaurants. There’s another fiber co-op of sorts. It’s actually a non-profit that offers classes and supplies to fiber enthusiasts. I haven’t made it there yet, but I’m dying to go.

Well, now that you have ordered it. If you knit it up and it isn’t the right color you can send it to me. I’ll take other people’s knit castoffs. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see what YOU do with it!

The pattern that you linked to was gorgeous. You are a very brave knitter that would scare me to death. The picture of it makes it look almost magical. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

I don’t know that I’d call myself brave. :oops: I just want to learn more and I have always figured that the best way to learn something is to actually do it. I actually ordered 2 extra skeins of yarn because I figure I’ll be doing a LOT of frogging in the beginning. :wink:

I received an order from them two days ago. I was impressed with the quick shipping, but when I opened the package, I saw they had sent size 9 needles instead of size 8’s, even though the packing slip says they shipped 8’s. I’ve sent multiple e-mails and they are all getting returned. I can’t find a phone number for the online store and the retail store people don’t handle the online orders. I am so frustrated… :!!!:

Here’s the phone number we have in our database for the Online store but it is RNAing right now as I am typing this…not even voice mail.

Phone: (703) 370-3075

(sorry…Ring no answer=RNA)

Thanks, Brendajos! There was actually a message on their website, on the left hand side, if you happen to notice the link, that says they are having trouble with their e-mail and they listed alternate e-mail addresses to use. I sent another e-mail to one of those addresses and hopefully I’ll get an answer. If not, I’ll keep trying the phone number.

Oh no!!! :o I’m hope you’re able to get it all straightened out. :frowning: