Knitchicgrace shawl - beautiful

Hi – I LOVE the photo labelled “knitchicgrace” on the forum photo wall. I’m new to this site, so excuse me if this isn’t the most efficient way to ask for the pattern, or find more info about it. I’m not even sure if “knitchicgrace” is the knitter (yay to you!) or the pattern, but perhaps someone will enlighten me. I’d love to try and make this item for my mom. Thanks a lot. JamieJoy

Some else asked about this once, too. I’m not sure this person was ever active because I can’t find the name in our forum roster, but I did find the pattern last time.
You can get it here although it says sold out right now.

Or you can get it through Ravelry, but you have to be a member. (it’s free)