Knitbook swap petition!

This is my petition to get a bookswap website for knitting books. five_six says she might do it if enough people are interested

convince her that you waaaaant thiiiiiiiis! :rofl:

posted my vote :eyebrow:

thats 2 so far :teehee:

:cheering: me too!!

I guess it depends on how it works.

Would I be sending my books to someone that wants them for a limited time? Or, would it be more of a trading thing?

I wanted to do something like that with knitting magazines. (Get a circle of people and person 1 sends mags to person 2 who sends mags to person 3 around and around after a certain amount of time. So, you’d get to see them all, but eventually you would get your own back.)

its gonna b a trading thing. i like the idea of this website. u send off a book when it is requested and in turn get a book off your wishlist.

nothing is set in stone yet, we’re just seeing who is interested.

Oh… Not for me then. I want to keep my books. I don’t have many. :teehee:

Edit: I don’t have many knitting books. I have TONS of other ones. :rofl: :rofl:

As fun as this sounds, knitting books cost WAY too much money for me to be trading them…

I could if the books weren’t the size of a family Bible.


I’d be interested if it was a “loan” type of thing. I’d like to get them back eventually.

I voted!

I’m all for swapping books - any books.
I got some big Stitch Craft Files full of yummy info from Freecycle, but thats all I’ve been able to find without paying full price over and over.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!! And get a bargain in the process :teehee: :hug:

:slight_smile: i like that line…

I’m already on this site: but its ahuge worldwide thing.

SO would it be like bookswaping among KHs only? trading back and forth? It could get expensive with all the postage but maybe if we split costs? I mean I’d like to see other peoples books and share my own but it sounds kinda complicated. Convinve me :eyebrow:

Well the idea was to just make it a webpage, which would be accessible by the whole world… i’m sure there are many knitters out there who aren’t members of this forum :shock: , so we would increase our swapping potential…

If it were to be just between the KHer’s, we would merely set it up in the Buy/Sell/Swap forum, which would definately make it cheaper for us (i wouldn’t have to pay for webhosting, Amy already does that for me :teehee: , wouldn’t have to design a page, again, thanks Amy, but as i said, we have limited swap potential in this scenario)…

This was merely to guage (he he… guage) peoples interest, and suggestions are welcome as to how you would like to see it work. At the moment, it is still in the embryo stage. :shrug:

sounds great to me