Knit2purl2 yarn p0rn

WOW you guys did really GOOD.And all of it is beautiful:woohoo: I passed on that sale because I spent to much on knitting stuff already this week:doh: I’m waiting for the maillady to bring 4 more presents:woot:

My Goodness! Ya’ll have gotten some beautiful yarn!!!
So, I thought I would share my latest, although it’s not from the same store, it’s from Simply Socks Yarn and are from Lonnie (the BEST husband in the world!) (don’t you just love the yarn?!)
He knew that I wanted to (eventually) try my hand at Traveling Socks (that is sockbug’s photo, aren’t they gorgeous?!) from the book, Socks Socks Socks and saw my list & on it (along with many things) was the specific sock yarn that i want to use for the pattern, he then asked if that was the yarn I was talking about with “those socks” (LOL, I was talking about & showing the pattern to my mil all the way to Charlestong!) and i said yes and he said, please let me go ahead and order this for you while they have it!!
I was planning on waiting a while to get the yarn for me because my intentions are to go back to knitting socks for Lonnie (haven’t knit for a couple of weeks because of a sore hand, much better, though!) but he thought differently! :hug: :muah:

:woot:I got my 2nd order from K2P2 yesterday and it is just as colorful as the last one.:woot:

Lorna’s Lace and Cable Needles
I just wish that I could knit faster so that I could see it all in socks.:tap:

becca- :drool:those are very pretty! will they be used all in the same socks? gorgeous! i haven’t used the ultramerino, is it sock weight? (i’ve only used the supermerino, its worsted)
1to1- love your rainbow! so pretty… love me some lorna’s :heart: