Knit2purl2 yarn p0rn

here is my hual from knit’s closing sale…feel free to share your here too :slight_smile:

Is the shopping cart working again?

Am I nuts because I don’t see any pics? :think:

ETA: I see it now!! Beautiful! Those colors are awesome, Jeanius.

not sure, you could check, but her yarn supply is pretty limited by now i think :pout:

I see them now! I didn’t 5 minutes ago.


where’s the pics??:blooby: :yay:


So it is two skeins of lorna’s for a pair of socks??? Just checking so I get enough for when I start.

yes :wink:


Beautiful colors!

Oooh, Lorna’s Laces :drool:

I would have loved to buy some, but I didn’t have any money on my prepaid card…

It looks so delicious and pretty!

I am so jealous:waah: I am on a yarn diet right now trying to use up some stash and I have been tempted at least 10 times this week to pull out the credit card!I am actually going to start helping my neighbor with her dog during the week while she is at work(he has a tumor on his spine)and she is going to pay me that will be solely stash money.


Is this site SAFE to buy from?


yes, but she is closing, so her stock is almost completely depleted.

:passedout:, pretty!!!

Here’s my haul:

I got 4 skeins of the Emerald Blue, 5 skeins of the Orchid, and 3 skeins of Hollyhock.

I can’t wait to pick patterns for each one.

I’m thinking of this for the Orchid.

I’m hoping to make a simple set in sleeve sweater for my daughter and just add some ruffles to the cuffs and hem from Knitting on the Edge by Nicki Epstein with the Emerald Blue.

As for the Hollyhock, I’m not sure yet.

Ahhh, I love Malabrigo!


Ok, I’m trying this again.

Here is my haul from the knit2purl2 sale.

I got 3 skeins of Hollyhock, 5 skeins of Orchid and 4 skeins of Emerald Blue.

I’m thinking of this for the Orchid for me.

I’m going to make a simple set in sleeve sweater for my dd with the Emerald Blue and I’m going to add ruffles to the cuffs and hem from Knitting on the Edge by Nicki Epstein.

I so do love Malabrigo!


Very pretty colors zkimom! they all look so lovely together too :heart:

:woot::woot:HEY I got my Knit2Purl2 order yesterday :woot::woot:
Not everything I ordered no mmmmm but I’m still very happy. Thanks Jody!

Lorna’s Lace Childs Play, LL Rainbow, SWTC Tofutsies Put your foot down, LL Pink Blossom & LL Happy Valley